Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Allen, Carl

Allen, Carl, drummer, b. Milwaukee, WI, 25 April 1961. His older brother is Allen, Eddie, trumpeter; b. Milwaukee, July 12, 1957. He began studies at William Paterson College (N.J.) in 1981 and worked with Freddie Hubbard ca. 82-90. His own former bands were starting points for Roy Hargrove, Nicholas Payton, Ed Simon, Teodross Avery, and others. He has also worked with Jackie McLean, George Coleman, Billy Taylor, and Benny Golson. He co-produced albums with his partner in Big Apple, Vincent Herring. He started a new group again in July 97 which was launched at the Regattabar in Camb. (Boston?) with Tim Warfield, Mark Whitfield, Mulgrew Miller, and bassist Rodney Whitaker. His latest group is Carl Allen & New Spirit.

Piccadilly Square (1989); The Pursuer (1993); Testimonial (1995); Manhattan Project (records for Japan, these released in US too): We Remember Cannonball, Echoes of Our Heroes, Dark Side of Dewey

Bill Milkowski: C.A., Down Beat, 57/11 (Nov.1990);
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C.A. picks up his own beat again, by Bob Blumenthal, Boston Globe 7/4/97;
L. Birnbaum, Blindfold Test, Down Beat 10/97.

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