Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Edwards, Marc (Dorian)

Edwards, Marc (Dorian), drummer/percussionist; b. New York City, NY, 23 July 1949. His mother, Phyllis Edwards, was born July 2, 1927 probably in Red Springs, NC. His step father, Lawrence Edwards, was born April 26, 1929, probably in New York City, and died June 15, 1997. His brother, Craig Edwards, was born November 3, 1950, probably in New York City, NY. His wife is Vivian Edwards. They have a daughter, India, born 1981.

He studied drums with Mr. Rosenthal at Humbolt Junior High School or PS 115 in upper Manhattan. He later played drums & percussion with the Manhattan Borough Wide Junior High School Band. This led to him being asked to audition for the newly created All City High School Band. He played with the All City for two years, taking one year off to study with Ted Reed, author of "Syncopation."  He spent one year playing in the Warriors Drum & Bugle Corps (1967-1968). Bobby Winslow was the drum instructor. The entire drum line consisted of 18 young men. Next, he studied with Les Harris and Gene Roma at the Berklee School of Music. He eventually asked for and got Alan Dawson, studying with him for little over a year. During his stay in Boston, he met Leonard "Lenny" Nelson. Lenny tutored him, explaining the fine points about drumming. They stay in touch, discussing different ideas about drumming. He met Master Frame Drummer Glen Velez at a club some years back. He encouraged Edwards to look into the Frame Drum as a means to improve his rhythmic sense. It wasn't until June 2001 that Edwards was able to follow through. He's currently using Glen's videos, "Handance Method for Personal Rhythmic Development, Vol. 1 & 2."

While he was attending the Berklee School of Music, Edwards met tenor saxophonist, David S. Ware and pianist, Cooper-Moore (sic). They played extensively in Boston under the name "Apogee." The only recording of this group is the out of print vinyl record, "Birth of a Being," released on the Hat Hut label.

His earliest musical experiences were attending concerts with his mother by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Leonard Bernstein. Exposure to Gospel Music at Black churches and listening to the Blues on the radio.

He has extensive experience with marching band music during the '60s incl. The Warriors Drum & Bugle Corps in Harlem; Played with the Manhattan Borough Wide Band, All City High School Band (of New York City), The American Symphony Orchestra - in conjunction with the All City HS Band
He was introduced to jazz by stepfather. Traditional studies with Ted Reed, Gene Roma, Les Harris, Alan Dawson, and was tutored by Leonard Nelson
In the early 70's, he played at Sam Rivers' Studio Rivbea beginning long association with David S. Ware. He performed & recorded w/ Cecil Taylor including a 20 piece ensemble performance at Carnegie Hall in 1975 and "A Rat's Mass" by Adrienne Kennedy at LaMa Theater 1976. He joined the U. S. Air Force in 1977 to understand his veteran friends.

Additional performing and recording associations include Daniel Carter, Matthew Shipp, Rob Brown, Fred Hopkins, William Parker, Charles Gayle, Peter Mazzetti, Sabir Mateen, Hilliard Greene, Tor Snyder, Ras Moshe, and James Duncan. He performed at Montreal Jazz Festival, 1997, first Texaco NY Jazz Festival, June 1997, Panasonic Jazz Festival, August 1998, opened first BA Employee Jazz Showcase which introduced the first Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival, Bryant Park, June 1999, Festival del Pueblo 2002, Boston, MA.

Black Queen; Time & Space Vol. 1; Red Sprites & Blue Jets; Ion Storm (an unreleased recording by his new group, Slipstream Time Travel)
As sideperson:
Cecil Taylor: Dark To Themselves; David S. Ware: Passage To Music, Great Bliss Vol. 1 & 2, Flight of i; Silkheart Sampler: The Spirit of New Jazz; Charles Gayle: Avant Knitting Factory Tours (1993), More Live At The Knitting Factory (1993)

Documentaries & Films:
Cooper-Moore mentions Edwards in the film, "Visions: The 1997 Vision Festival," produced and directed by Ms. Susan Littenberg.
The Enja Recording of "Dark To Themselves" live performance was filmed by a Yugoslavian film crew.

Radio broadcasts:
Several radio interviews at Columbia University's WKCR in New York City after the release of Time & Space, Vol. 1, and Red Sprites & Blue Jets. During the 1970s, Apogee performed live on the air two separate occasions.
His band (trio) with Sabir Mateen and Hilliard Greene, performed at WKCR again just before our gig at the Knitting Factory's sponsored festival, the Texaco Jazz Festival in 1997.

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Contact information:
email: marced@asan.com
Marc Edwards
PO Box 1112
Midtown Station
New York, NY 10018
Tel: 718 738-6082
Fax: 718 845-5822

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