Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Pavone, Mario (Anthony)

Pavone, Mario (Anthony), bassist, composer; b. Waterbury, CT, 11 November 1940. His father, Mario Pavone Sr. was born 1918 in Waterbury, CT. His mother, Victoria, was born in 1918 and died in 2002. His sister is Josephine Pugliese, born 1944.

He has anchored the trios of Paul Bley, Bill Dixon, and the late Thomas Chapin, and co-led important groups with Anthony Braxton, Leo Smith, Marty Ehrlich and Michael Musillami. His award-winning sextet has counted among its members Joshua Redman, Dave Douglas, Steve Davis, Tony Malaby, Jimmy Greene, Dewey Redman, and Art Baron. Pavone's latest project, his NU Trio, featuring drummer Matt Wilson and pianist Peter Madsen has yielded two award winning CD's. In 2002 Pavone's NU Trio has included such stalwart players as Craig Taborn and Ted Rosenthal in the piano chair and Mike Sarin, Gerald Cleaver and George Schuller at the drums.

Although having been a professional musician for nearly 40 years, and having worked in the 60's - '80's with the likes of Paul Bley, Bill Dixon, and Leo Smith, the bulk of Mr. Pavone's recorded output has primarily occurred over the past decade as a member of the late Thomas Chapin's Trio and with a half dozen utterly remarkable discs released under his own name which find him accompanied by saxophonists Marty Ehrlich, Josh Redman, Anthony Braxton, and Thomas Chapin, trumpeter Dave Douglas, drummers Matt Wilson, Mike Sarin, Pheeroan ak Laff, and Steve Johns, pianist Peter Madsen, and trombonist Peter McEachern.

While Mr. Pavone first began playing in the "free" or "outside" New York loft scene in the 60's, his recordings are anything but immersed in the music of that turbulent era. Nevertheless, this early experience has provided a unique element to his music.

His wife is Mary and his son Michael, born 1962, is a musician who graduated from t he University of Connecticut (1965) and studied with Bertrum Turetsky.

Digit (1979); Shodo (1981); Sharpeville (1988); Toulon Days (1992); Song for (Septet) (1995); Dancer's Tales (1997); Remembering Thomas (1999); Totem Blues (2001);
Mythos (2002)
As co-leader:
With Michael Musillami: Op-Ed (2000), Motion Poetry (2001), Pivot (2002)
As sideperson:
Paul Bley: Canada (1968); Paul Bley and Annette Peacock: Dual Unity (1971); Don Rose: Close Opposites (1979); Rozanne Levine: Watching Paint Dry; Sangeeta Michael Berardi: Divine Song (1979); Bill Dixon: November 1981 (1981), Thoughts (1985), Son of Sisyphus (1988); Creative Improvisers Orchestra: The Sky Cries the Blues (1982); Vernon Frazer: Sex Queen of the Berlin Turnpike (1988); Motation: Live At Hillside (1988);Samm Bennett: Knitting Factory Tours Europe 1991 (1991); Thomas Chapin: Third Force (1990); Insomnia (1991); Anima (1992); Menagerie Dreams (1994); Haywire (1996); Sky Piece (1998), Nightbird Song (1999), Alive  (1999); Anthony Braxton: Nine Duets (1993), Seven Standards (1994); Michael Pavone: Trio (2001)

Remembering Thomas appeared on many critics top ten list, was voted number two jazz album of the year at Amazon.com, and was awarded jazz record of the year by (AFIM) Association for Independent Music (Indie Awards).

Allen J. Huotari, allaboutjazz.com interview (dec. 2002)
Ben Ratliff,New York Times in May, 2002

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