Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Abbs, Tom (Thomas Howard)

Abbs, Tom (Thomas Howard) , bassist, tubist; b. Seattle, WA, 1 January 1972. He has been performing and recording in a variety of contexts (classical, rock, jazz, and improvised musics) since age 11. Tom started his musical training at the age of 6 playing piano. A couple of years later he changed his instrument to cello and by the time he was ten he was playing bass. He was handed a tuba in seventh grade and his conquest of the "low end" began. Tom went on in his teens to win accolades in state and national competitions for his work as a soloist and ensemble player. He made New York his home in 1991 and has been working steadily ever since.

Tom relocated to New York in 1991 where he studied with such masters as Reggie Workman, Buster Williams, Joe Chambers, Junior Mance, Chico Hamilton and Arthur Taylor. Equally comfortable in "free" and "inside" settings, Abbs has backed up the likes of Lawrence "Butch" Morris, Charles Gayle, Daniel Carter, Steve Swell, Roy Campbell Jr., Sabir Mateen, Jemeel Moondoc, Assif Tahar, Borah Bergman, Billy Bang, Andrew Lamb, Warren Smith and many others. Tom is currently a member of the collective experimental trio, Triptych Myth with Cooper-Moore and Chad Taylor and is leading his own group, Frequency Response. He is the founder and driving force behind the arts coalition Jump Arts, (http://jumparts.org) which since its 1997 inception has presented over sixty performances and educational workshops.


Tom Abbs & Frequency Response: Conscription (2003); Cooper-Moore, Chad taylor, Tom Abbs: Triptych Myth (2003); Multifarious (2004)

As sideperson:

Ori Kaplan Trio Plus: Realms (1999); Transmitting: Jane & Tom Are Transmitting (1999); Natalie Douglas: 'Not that Different (2000); Ori Kaplan Trio Plus Steve Swell: Delerium (2001); The Transcendentalists: Vision (2002); Assif Tsahar: Embracing The Void (2002); Butch Morris conducts the Jump Arts Orchestra (2002); The Transcendentalists Real Time Messengers (2002); Ursel Schlict / Steve Swell Quartet: Poets of the Now (2002); Steve Swell's Brasswood Trio (2003); Andrew Lamb Trio: The Pilgramige (2003); Warren Smith Quartet (2003); Active Ingredients: Titration (2003)




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