Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Actis Dato, Carlo

Actis Dato, Carlo , baritone sax, bass clarinet, tenor sax; b. Turin, 21 March 1952. One of Carlo's grandfathers played trumpet in the folkloristic band of his village in Piedmont, in northern, Italy. His father was Bruno (b.1922). His mother is Natalina (b.1928). He grew up in the south of Italy, where he started to play clarinet in marching band, then played sax in several bands of dance music, R&B, and swing.

He was co-founder in 1974 of Art Studio, one of the first groups to play new jazz in Italy (concerts in France, Germany, Holland) and a member of the musicians cooperative CMC (from 1977). Since 1984 he leads his Actis Dato Quartet, performing in over 150 festivals or nightclubs in Japan, Morocco, Canada, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, France, Finland, Austria, Slovenja Croatia, Ethiopia, Lithuania, Antilles, Italy. He also leads the Actis Band, co-leads the Atipico Trio (Berlin, Helsinki, Le Mans) and Brasserie Trio (Nevers, Mulhouse, Moers, Clusone, Pisa, Saalfelden, Roma), and gives solo recitals (Nimes, Le Mans, Perpignan, Roma, Rive-de-Gier, Vancouver, seven tours in Japan, USA, Canada).

He is a member of Italian Instabile Orchestra, six times voted as the best group in Italy (festivals in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Austria, England, Canada Tour 2000, Chicago, Japan ), of Minafra Sud Ensemble (France, Germany, Portugal, Canada, England, Bulgaria, Norway, Japan, Holland, Spain), Fazio Sextet (Argentina, Salzburg), Occhipinti nonet (Mainz, Liege, Amsterdam, Mulhouse, Portugal), a duo with E. Rocco (France, Belgium, Lithuania, Japan, En-gland, Ireland), and the TAO trio (Japan, Italy).

He was a member of DOM Orchestra, Mitteleuropa Orchestra (Sevilla, Wien, Munich), E.Christi Quintet (New York, Toronto, Senegal), Maltese Open Ensemble and many others. He took part in many dance and theatre performances.

He played with David Murray, K.Vandermark, W.Horvitz, B.Phillips, L.Moholo, C.Taylor, R.Garrett, J.Shahid, E.Rava, G.Gaslini, M.Dresser, L.Bowie, D.Sanborn, G.Sommer, M.Nicols, A.Salis, L.Kont , K.Umezu, M.Satoh,T.Kondo, S.Fujii, A. Sakata, C.Zingaro, M.Bisio, J.McPhee.

He is married to Yuki Mochimaru.

Musica Jazz magazine critics poll ranked his quartet seven times among the top Italian groups.
Listed among baritone saxophonists in the 2001 and 2002 Down Beat critics poll.

Noblesse Oblige (1987); Oltremare (1988); Ankara Twist, (1989); Bagdad Boogie,(1992); Blue Cairo, (1995); Delhi Mambo, (1998); Ginosa Jungle, (1998); Enna Milonga, (1999); Fes Montuno, (2000);Istanbul Rap, (2002); Swingin'Hanoi, (2003); Urartu (solo album), (1994); The Moonwalker, (2000);
With Rocco: Pasodoble (1997); Atipico Trio: Gone with the winds, (1997); Art Studio: Complete CMC Session (1995); Brasserie Trio: Musique Mecanique, (1998), Son para el Che, (1997), Don Quijote, (2001), Garibaldi, (2002); M.Satoh: Liberissimo, (1999); TAO: Tomorrow Night Gig, USA Tour (2000); K.Umezu: Wake up with the Birds (1998)
As sideperson:
E.Christi/F.Sordini Quintet, A piece of the rock (1991); E.Fazio Quintet: Euphoria (1991); P.Minafra Sud Ensemble, Sudori (1995); G.Occhipinti Nonet: The Kaos Legend (1994); G.Gaslini Big Band: Mister O (1996); Italian Instabile Orchestra: Skies of Europe (1994), Pisa Teatro Verdi (1997), Litania Sibilante (2000) ;Cecil Taylor: Enja (2000)
Unissued recordings:
Radio broadcasts in Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Germany, France, Croatia and Switzerland

Contact Information:


Carlo Actis Dato
V. Boglietto 7
10035 Mazze' (Torino)
Ph./Fax : 0039-0119830236

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