Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Affif, Ron (Ronald Anthony)

Affif, Ron (Ronald Anthony), guitar; Pittsburgh, PA, 30 December 1965. He plays an archtop Buscarino electric guitar, sometimes Johnny Smith Gibson, and has recorded solo on a nylon-string, classical acoustic guitar. Affif learned all about passion from his mother Marlene, and discipline and endurance from his father Charlie Affif, a fiercely competitive middleweight boxer who numbered Miles Davis among his fans and close friends. "He had all these records around the house that my brother, Mark, started listening to," Ron recently told his hometown paper, the Pittsburgh Post- Gazette . Mark, his older brother, was the first member of his family to pick up the guitar. "Mark had a guitar in the house. I guess I was around 12, and I picked up the guitar. I just had an urge to play an instrument."

His uncle, Ron Anthony, was a superb guitarist who worked with the likes of George Shearing and Frank Sinatra. He gave Ron his first guitar lesson when he was 12. Affif played music with friends through high school. When he turned 18, rather than take the music scholarship offered by Duquesne University, he moved to Los Angeles to be near his uncle, who had offered to let Affif sub for him on dates he couldn't make. "From an early age, I did all kinds of gigs. I've worked with everybody from Al Martino to Roger Williams, and I learned a ton of old songs from Gershwin on up."

Eventually Affif moved to his current home, New York. He has performed at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis. In fall 2003, he played with Herve Sellin with Bryan Lynch, Jon Gordon, Michael Blake. He also played the Kaplan Penthouse with Russell Malone. He's played in Russia a few times and Slovakia, especially in 2003. He played Turkey in 2004. He has performed at the Zinc bar since 1994.

Ron Affif (1992); Vierd Blues (1993-94); 52 nd Street (1995); Ringside (1997); Solitude (1999)


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