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Aliprandi, Beppe (Giuseppe Aliprandi)

Aliprandi, Beppe [Giuseppe Aliprandi] , alto sax, tenor sax, flute; b. Milan, Italy, 10 February 1939. His mother was a piano teacher and his father was an amateur piano and accordion player, and Beppe thus received a good early education in classical music. When he was 16 years old he discovered jazz and began to play alto sax, studying at first with an academic teacher, then on his own. In addition to music, he is a painter and engraver. In 1960 he was featured in the Jazz-bo quartet, one of the first groups playing Hard Bop in Italy. Following this, he made a two-year concert-tour in Germany, Belgium and Finland with the Latin Fire Combo, an international sextet playing Afro-Cuban jazz. Then he lived for several months in Heidelberg (Germany), playing with the trio of Roberto Petrin, an italian drummer settled in Germany. Here he met and was influenced by Karl Berger.

Back in Italy, he performs S.Fanni, M.Lama, D.Goya, F.Tonani, and others. Around the end of the Sixties he worked for two years in the Bovisa New Orleans Jazz Band, including such guests as Louis Nelson, Capt. John Handy, Kid Sheik, Barry Martin, Rudy Balliou, and Luciano Invernizzi. Between 1974 and 1975 he worked with Claudio Fasoli in the Open Jazz Group. Since 1982 he has led his own trio, and since 1988, he has been increasingly active as a player-he began performing on tenor sax and flute--and as a composer. His trio, Jazz Academy, has been joined by many guests such as Karl Berger, Aldo Romano, Tiziano Tononi, Gabriele Mirabassi, Antonio Zambrini, Paolino Dalla Porta, Stefano Battaglia, and Emanuele Cisi

In 1996 his CD Blue Flowers won third place in the National Referendum TOP JAZZ, held by Musica Jazz Magazine.
In January 2002 the CD "DUKE, I LOVE YOU MADLY2 was reviewed by Vic Bellerby on Jazz Journal magazine, as one of the best 10 records of the Year, and in the same Year, Beppe Aliprandi was the only Italian musician on The Critics Choice of that Magazine

Jazz Academy Trio (1993); Blue Flowers (1996); Maya's Dream (1998); Duke, I Love You Madly (1999)

Unissued recordings:
A few private broadcasts and a few national broadcasts and TV shows (RAI)

Reviews of his CDs in J@zz@round, September 1999 (a Belgian Magazine), in the book PENGUIN GUIDE TO CD, 5th edition, and in many Italian Magazines.

Contact Information:
Beppe Aliprandi
v.Primaticcio 171
20147 MILANO
tel. 02-41.50.917

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