Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Allmond, Peck (John Peckworth)

Allmond, Peck (John Peckworth) , brass and woodwind multi-instrumentalist: trumpet, tenor saxophone, flute; also peckhorn (Eb alto horn), valve trombone, soprano, alto, baritone saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet, wood flutes and other wind instruments; born Rochester, NY, 28 July 1962. In 1969 the family (Bayard W. Allmond, Jr. (b. 1934), Nancy Webster Allmond (b. 1933), and brother Bayard (b.1958)) moved to Berkeley CA. Around this time, Peck received his first trumpet from grandfather Alden Webster, a professional cornetist with the Sousa and Herbert Clarke concert bands in the 1920's. In the multi award-winning Berkeley High School Jazz program of the late '70's Peck's peers included Benny Green, Craig Handy, Peter Apfelbaum, and Steven Bernstein, under the direction of legendary jazz educator Phil Hardymon.

During this time Peck studied jazz with Warren Gale and John Coppola and classical trumpet with SF Symphony Principal Lawrie McGaw. In 1980, Peck enrolled at the New England Conservatory in Boston where his teachers included Fred Hersh, John McNeil, Roswell Rudd, and classical trumpeter Robert Nagel. His studies also included workshops with the Art Ensemble of Chicago (Creative Music Studio, Woodstock NY 1978), Charlie Haden (Naropa Inst., Boulder, CO 1981), and Dave Holland (Banff Centre, Alberta, 1985).

In 1982 Peck left Boston and returned to Berkeley where he began teaching himself saxophones and other woodwind and brass instruments. In 1986 he graduated with a Bachelor's in Music from UC Santa Cruz and relocated to San Francisco where he remained a fixture of the jazz scene (playing with Don Cherry, Pharoah Sanders, Peter Apfelbaum's Hieroglyphics Ensemble, Eddie Marshall Quintet and the Peck Allmond group) until his 1993 move to Brooklyn. In NY, Peck has performed with Oliver Lake, Billy Drummond, Julius Hemphill, the Jazz Composers' Collective and continues to lead and compose for the PA Group. Several of his compositions have also been performed by the Jackie McLean Quintet.

The Peck Allmond Group (1992); Short Stories (2001)
As sideperson:
Don Cherry: Multikulti (1990); Clark Suprynowicz: In Sleep a King (1990); OJ Ekemode and the Nigerian All Stars: World Peace (1990); Monkey (1992); Kotoja: Freedom (1990), Sawale (1992); Peter Apfelbaum and the Hieroglyphics Ensemble: Signs of Life (1990), Jodoji Brightness (1992); Zulu Spear: Welcome to America (1992); Ray Brown's Great Big Band: Impressions of Point Lobos (1996); Brian Ales: Creature of Habit (1996); Pan Ramajay: Anyway... (1997); Jai Uttal Pagan Love Orchestra: Shiva Station (1997); Dawn Thompson Quintet: Happenstance (1998); Pink Noise Saxophone Quartet: The Jig is Up (1998); Armando Rodriguez - Victor Rendon Latin Jazz Orchestra: Havana Blues (1998); Ballin' The Jack: Jungle (1999); Craig Handy: Reflections in Change (1999); Orange Then Blue Big Band: Hold The Elevator (1999); Michael Blake and Free Association: Drift (2000); Chuck Clark Little Big Band: Wacky World (2000); Dave Binney: Balance (2001); Josh Roseman Unit: A Book of Openings (2003);

Contact information:
Peck Allmond
400 E. 4th St. #3
Brooklyn NY 11218

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