Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Altmann, Warnfried (Franz)

Altmann, Warnfried (Franz) , saxophone; b. Leipzig, Germany, 15 May 1958. His father is Franz Altmann, born October 6th 1932 in Oppeln, and his mother is Christa Altmann nee Heine, born 15.12.1932 in Niederehrenberg. His s iblings are Mechthild, born 31.03.1959 in Magdeburg, a piano teacher, Ansgar, born 27.03.1960 in Magdeburg, Gudula, born 09.09.1963 in Magdeburg, Hiltrud, born 15.05.1966 in Magdeburg, and Roswitha, born October 14th 1975 in Magdeburg. All of them learned to play an instrument.

He spent early childhood in Delitzsch, then his family moved to Magdeburg. He still lives in Magdeburg. He learned to play the violin as a child but then studied at Musikhochschule Dresden, Saxophon major with Walter Hartmann and the Dresdner Tanzsinfoniker (1979-84).

He then worked for some years in various big bands. Since the early 1980s he plays in various jazz formations and composes. His main field of work is improvisation, which brings him together with artists of different areas: dancers (Fine Kwiatkowski, Inge Missmahl), visual artists(Heinrich Apel, Christian Boltanski, Hartwig Ebersbach, Jens Elgner, Rudiger Giebler, Harald Reiner Gratz, Alfred Hrdlicka, Schang Hutter, Dieter Ladewig, Otto Nagel, Irmtraud Ohme, Ren Rong, Heinz Israel, Ren Rong, Amouzo Amouzo Glikpa), pantomimes, authors of both poetry and prose and publicists (Joachim-Ernst Berendt, Walter Jens, Peter Ruhmkorf, Friedrich Schorlemmer, Bert Noglik, Uwe Kolbe, Elisabeth Graul and Ludwig Schumann). Other partners are Prof. Gunter Baby Sommer (percussion), Prof. Hans-Gunther Wauer (organ), Hermann Naehring (percussion), Xu Feng Xia (guzheng), Wilfried Staufenbiel (cello, voc), Bard Henrik Bosrup (cello).

His music has been broadcasted on both radio and television; it is also recorded on, so far, six cds. Today Warnfried Altmann teaches improvisation and jazz history at the Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet in Magdeburg. He is married and has three children: wife Martina Altmann; three daughters Thekla, Sophie and Hedwig.

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