Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Austerlitz, Paul

Austerlitz, Paul, reeds, composer, ethnomusicologist; b. Helsinki, Finland

BIRTHDATE - August 26, 1957

Austerlitz is Assistant Professor of Music at Brown University, where he teaches jazz and world music. Born in Finland and raised in the United States, he combines his background as an ethnomusicologist specializing in Afro-Caribbean music with his creative work as a jazz musician. As an instrumentalist, Austerlitz has dedicated himself to mastering the bass clarinet. He also plays tenor saxophone and Bb clarinet. As a composer, Austerlitz weds his backgrounds in jazz and ethnomusicology, producing works that incorporate the musics that he researches. He has been especially active in blending Latin and Caribbean music from the Dominican Republic and elsewhere with free forms of jazz.

Austerlitz has worked with musicians such as Doc Cheatham, Julius Hemphill, Dave Murray, Don Byron, Roswell Rudd, Jimmy Knepper, Ed Blackwell, Gunter Hampel, and the African jazz group of Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng.

Austerlitz studied music with Bill Dixon, Milford Graves, Dave Liebman and Frank Wess and received the Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University in 1993. His work as an ethnomusicologist includes a forthcoming book entitled Jazz Consciousness; a book on Dominican music entitled Merengue: Dominican Music and Dominican Identity; a study of Machito's Latin jazz band; and research on Finnish music.

A Bass Clarinet in Santo Domingo and Detroit (1999); Dominican Dreams, American Dreams (2002); "Double-Take" with poet Michael Harper (2004)

As sideperson:
Art Brooks and Ensemble V: Nightcaller (1979); Alan Lowe: At the Moment of Impact (1990); Alan Lowe and Orchestra X: New Tango '92 (1992); The Alan Lowe Orchestra: A Modern Tribute to Louis Armstrong (1993); Alan Lowe and the American Song Project: Dark Was the Night (1996); The Ehran Elisha Ensemble: Shoresh (1997); The Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng Band: Sum Sum (Spirit) (2002)

Contact information:
Paul Austerlitz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Music
Music Department, Box 1924
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912; USA
tel. 401) 863-3711
fax. 401) 863-1256

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