Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Bagg, Joseph (Joe)

Bagg, Joseph (Joe), piano, Hammond B-3 organ, composer; b. Los Angeles, CA, 12 January 1967. His parents are James Bagg and Leslie Bagg (nee Phillips) both born 1945. His brother is Michael Bagg b. 1968. Joseph lived in San Diego with his family until the age of 10, then moved to Beaumont, CA.  Graduated from Beaumont HS.  Maternal grandfather (Wally Phillips) was a swing era drummer in the Detroit, MI area.  Took piano lessons at age 4 for a few years.  Became interested in Jazz while in college.  Changed his major to music (from Computer Science) and took a couple lessons from Cedar Walton. Graduated from University of La Verne (CA) in1989 with a degree in Music.  Obtained M.M. in Jazz Performance from Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) in 1991 where he studied with Kenny Barron.

He spent 2 more years studying in the graduate Musicology Dept. at Rutgers.  He then spent 2 1/2 years in the US Army as a Russian Linguist.  Obtained Honorable Discharge as a Conscientious Objector after reading the works of Martin Luther King, Jr. while in service.  Married Jeanette Carlin (NJ) (now Bagg, b. 1972) who he met at Rutgers.  Moved to Los Angeles area in 1995, and started playing on the local jazz scene.  Took up the Hammond B-3 organ in 1997. 

He's the organist for the Anthony Wilson trio. He has played with Bobby Hutcherson, Billy Higgins, Charles McPherson, Seamus Blake, Brian Lynch, Arthur Blythe, Ernie Watts, Joe LaBarbara, Ralph Moore, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Jeff Hamilton, Andy Simpkins, Pete Christlieb, Roy McCurdy, Ralph Penland, Tony Dumas, Dave Pike, Larry Koonse, Steve Tavaglione, Steve Cardenas, Mark Ferber, Jamie Rosenn, Rick Zunigar, Darek Oles, Phil Upchurch, Ron Eschete, Brandon Fields and others. He played the Leimert Park Jazz Festival (Los Angeles) in 1998. He played the Glenwood Springs Jazz Festival in Glenwood Springs, CO in 1999 (with Dale Fielder-sax).Played the 1st San Felipe Jazz Festival in San Felipe, Mexico in 2000 (with Gilbert Castellanos-trumpet). Played the Ankara Music Festival and the 2nd Yildiz Jazz Festival in Istanbul, Turkey in May 2001 (with Joe LaBarbara-drums, and Sid Jacobs-guitar). Played the Central Avenue Jazz Festival (Los Angeles) in 2002 (with Anthony Wilson-guitar).

One recording under his own name, an as yet unreleased piano trio CD recorded in 2002.

As sidperson:
Anthony Wilson: Adult Themes (1999); Gilbert Castellanos: The Gilbert Castellanos Hammond B-3 Quartet (1999); Us & Them: As yet unreleased quintet recording (1999);
Alan Ferber: Playground (2000); Rick Zunigar: As yet unreleased organ trio CD (2000); Anthony Wilson: Our Gang (2001); Outside Pedestrian: Sunless City (2001); Mark Winkler: Sings Bobby Troup (2003); Matt Zebley: As yet unreleased CD (2003)

Contact information:
Web Site:  www.joebagg.com

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