Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Balzar, Robert

Balzar, Robert, bass player (acoustic and bass guitar); b. Nachod, Czech Republic, 1962.

He graduated from the Brno Conservatory - double bass,piano. He has been performing in Prague since 1985, beginning with TV big band. After he has played with the Gabriel Jonas; Jazz Face; Emil Viklicky Q.; Karel Ruzicka Q.; David Friedman (USA); Allan Praskin (USA); Larry Porter (USA); Joe Newman (Count Basie Big Band); Benny Bailey (formerly with Quincy Jones); Tony Scott (formerly with Bill Evans, John Coltrane); Hal Galper Trio; Benny Golson; Wynton Marsalis. He was also a memeber of elite group that played with U.S. President Bill Clinton at the Reduta Jazz Club during Clinton's 1994 visit to Prague. He has performed at a number of internacional festivals, such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Prague Internacional Jazz Festival and the Karlovy Vary Internacional Jazz Festival. And he has toured Norway as a member of Benny Bailey Quartet as well as toured the United States and Canada.

In 1996 he has established group under his own name - Robert Balzar Trio. They were each voted "CD of the Year" in their respective years by Czech Radio. The R.Balzar Trio was voted 2000 Group of the Year.

East West Connection; Tribute (1988); Far and Yet Near (1988); Subway (1992); Bohemian Nights (1993); Resolution (1993); Food of Love (1995); Travelling (1998); S. Loescher: Distance (1999); Just Squeeze Me (1999); Alone (2000)

As sideperson:
J. Buchar: Jazz Magma (1986); V. Zahradnika: Big Band (1988); E. Viklicky: Round Midnight (1991); L.AndrSt: Imprints (1992); Vaclav Havel: Two Presidents (1994); Ruzicka, JonaS, Balzar, Zboril: Sping Rolls Q (1998); Najponk, Balzar, Sulc: Birds and Black (1999); Najponk Trio: Ballads Blues And More (1999); D. Barta: Illustratosphere (2000); Y. Sanchez: Invitation (2001); Darkk Bros: Six Songs (2001)

Contact information:
Robert Balzar
Ostrovskeho 12&
Prague 5
Czech Republic
150 00
Tel: +420602228808
e-mail: robertbalzar@centrum.cz
website: www.robertbalzar.cz

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