Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Barbieri, Gato (Leandro J.)

Barbieri, Gato (Leandro J.), tenor saxophonist, composer; b. Rosario, Argentina, 28 November 1934. He went from an early career as an intense Ayler-style free soloist to great popularity with a danceable Latin jazz format that sets off his huge, lush tone. He comes from a musical family. Studied clarinet, alto, composition. At 18 he was with Lalo Schifrin, switched to tenor. A 1961 Buenos Aires jam session recording has him soloing on standard tunes. In 1962 he moved to Rome and travelled through Europe, meeting Don Cherry in Paris and recording with him in N.Y., where he settled, in 1966. Barbieri became popular in 1969 by mixing Latin American rhythms with free-music influences and techniques. He switched to basically just playing the written tunes in 1972 with the Grammy-winning Last Tango in Paris soundtrack.

G.B. and Don Cherry (1965); In Search of the Mystery (1967); Confluence (1968; in duet with Dollar Brand); Third World (1969); El Pampero (1971); Fenix (1971); Last Tango in Paris  (1972); Chapter 1: Latin America  (1973); Chapter 2: Two Hasta Siempre (1973); Gato Chapter One: Latin America (1973); Chapter 3: Viva Emiliano Zapata (1974); Third World Revisited (1974); Chapter 4: Alive in N.Y. (1975); Caliente   (1976); Para Los Amigos!! (1981); Gato...Para Los Amigos! (1984); Fire and Passion (1988)

As sideperson:
Recordings with Don Cherry, Pharoah. Sanders, Steve Lacy,  Dollar Brand, the Jazz Composers Orchestra:

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