Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Bebelaar, Patrick (Josef)

Bebelaar, Patrick (Josef), piano, composer; b. Trier, Germany, 3 June 1971. His parents are Albert Bebelaar (b. March 18, 1943) and Marlis Bebelaar (birthname: Wiersch, b. December 20, 1941). He studied with Paul Schwarz at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart. He has played with Herbert Joos, Michel Godard, Pandit Praksh Maharaj, Pandit Vikash Maharaj, Gunter Lenz, Professor Mike Rossi, Prof. Ulrich Suesse, Professor Dr. Juergen Braeuninger and writers Peter O. Chotjewitz and Peter Haertling, Adonis and many others.

A composer himself for the International Bachakademy, he wrote the composition "Point Of View" in 2001. He also wrote for the Schillernationalmuseum, the city of Esslingen and many others. His Work "Passion" was performed at the Bach-Festival in Leipzig in 2002.

He has played worldwide and gave many masterclasses in Europe, India and in Southafrika. In Southafrika he also worked in the townships of Capetown, Durban and Johannesburg with the children of the street.
Since 2001 he is married to Natalia Sevastianova. She has two children. They live in Tubingen, Germany.

Many of his recordings are nominated for the german-kritiks-award. In 2000 he got the JazzAward of Baden-Wurttemberg.

Raga (1996); Apollo Und Marsyas (1998); Never Thought It Could Happen (1999); Passion / Duscha Moja (2000); Begegnungen; You Never Lose An Island (2002); Point Of View (2003)

As sideperson:
Limes X: Limes X (1996); Limes X & Jusuf Naoum: Al Hakawati (1998); Limes X: Es geht eine dunkle Wolke (1999); Peter O. Chotjewitz: Okey-Dokey (2001); Frank Kroll: Landscape (2002); Limes X: Plus One - Anywhere Far

Gisele Turner, "Jazzeye" (Durban, southafrica, 2000)
Werner Stiefele (Stutgarter Zeitung, 28.12.96)
Matyas Kiss, Rond, germany 19.12.2002

Contact information:
Tel: #49-179-122 57 07

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