Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Berg, Eddie (Edward)

Berg, Eddie (Edward); guitarist, educator, author. His Step Father was Arthur Braedt (born in Belguim 1890, died in New Jersey 1962.) His real father was Iver Johnson, born in Sweden. His mother was born Elizabeth Licht in Germany 1900. She became Elizabeth Braedt and died 1986 in New Jersey. His sister Eleanor Berg was born in Brooklyn NY June 14,1910 died 1970. His other sister, Helen Berg (Lima), was born in Brooklyn NY Nov 30 1929. At the age of 21, moved to New Jersey and presently lives in Parsippany N. J.

At the age of 7, Eddie studied the violin with Leo Wick and later Professor John Console. At the age of 11 played with a Youth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Professor Console which rehearsed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan. This Orchestra gave a concert in Carnegie Hall in 1941.
Eddie joined the Marine Corps Reserves in 1948 and was activated in 1950 for the Korean War. Was honorably discharged Nov 7 1951. Started playing the Guitar in the Marine Corps as some good old southern boys played the guitar.

When he got out of the Marine Corps he studied guitar with Charlie Laverne. They became good friends and Eddie was on many recording sessions with Charlie and Harry Volpe trying to make a top 10 Pop Record. Later he studied guitar with Jack Hotop. After that Eddie studied Jazz and Composition with Hall Overton (on and off for two years) and later Arranging and Composition with William Russo.

He joined Jazz Harpist Daphne Hellman in 1967 and traveled the world giving concerts in Notre Dame Cathedral France as well as Jazz Clubs in France, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Tai pai, and Australia and many other Countries.Eddie played at the Village Gate with harpist Hellman and bassist Lyn Christie for about 30 years till it closed.

Some musicians Ed played with are Major Holley, Joe Kennedy, Dardanelle, Charles Wizen, Vic Juris, Peter Compo, Vinnie Burke, Jack Lesberg, and Jimmy Gourley. He taught guitar for nine years at FDU Madison NJ Campus

Hellmans Angels Galla (1996); Pop Goes the Angels; Partners in Rhyme Eddie Berg and Lenny Argese; David Aaron Presents All We Want To Do Is Swing; Eddie Berg and Jim DeAngelis live at Victors Maywood Inn.

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