Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Bergamin, Ruud

Bergamin, Ruud, saxophonist, composer, arranger, conductor and music teacher; b. Schoonhoven The Netherlands 17 november 1943. Plays all types of saxophones and clarinet. He picked up the saxophone at the age 14 years, first the soprano saxophone, later on the tenor saxophone. Started to perform in a band at age 15 (Gouda, Revival Swing Combo). From that time he played in several groups, such as Gijs Hendriks orkest, Utrechts Jazz Orkest, Jazzmijn, De Boven-toon, Nieuw Rotterdams Peil, B-Wegen, Kapsalon Orkest, Windkracht 13, Enterprise Big Band, Mood Indigo, OMUZO-band, Kwartet Wim Kegel, Formatie "Doodlin", Lakers and Co, Brazi-lianBreeze, Ruud Bergamin Quartet, Windmill Big Band, Aafje de Bloois Quintet, Jazzmer, Harry's Jazz en Blues-band, B'Bounce Company.

He is now member of the band Cruise Control (Monk and Mingus - inspired music); the band Bounce TT (Groove band with Hammond Organ); the band Red Cool (trio with soft sounding music); the band Jazzmer (a little Big Band) and he has a duo with tango-pianist Wim Warman. As a saxophone player he appears in several situations. He has weekly performances in The Hague (The Fiddler) and is conductor of Big Bands and leader of jazz workshops (Jazz International Rotterdam; SJU Utrecht).

He studied form 1980 till 1985 at the teachers department of the Rotterdam Conservatory and was in that time also a part - time university teacher.

His most important jazzstyles are: "neobop"; bebop; mainstream-jazz; freejazz; improvised music; latin-jazz; Swing and Groove music-.

He has written compositions for several jazz groups, jazz workshops and big bands and made  also arrangements for several groups.

Some compositions:
B-Wegen; As Far As; MS GT; Factory (for the movie The Man With The Camera by Vertov; 1998); Arboretum (poem with music by a saxophone quartet 1982); Like A Tango; A Short Story; Echoes Of A Secret; Don't Look Back; Heavy Walk; Bonhomme; The Floating Bear; Not May Day; Going West; Disparu; Durance; Tango Op de Heyplaat (for Jazz Band and Concert Band -1990); Blaak Project Pieces (for a performance assigned by the City Of Rotterdam - 1988); Movie Music; Music for Medea (Live performance in a Theatre Production - 1999); Bizarre Jaloezie (for a Musical - concert Band and vocals - 2007).

Some Big Band arrangements:
Black Coffee; Blue Train; Come Sunday; Cottontail; Doodlin'; Goody Goody; The Jody Grind; The Mooche; Oop Pop A Daa; The Way You Look Toninght; Unchain My Heart; You's Be So Nice To Come Home To. Several arrangements for other types of groups (saxophone ensemble; jazzworkshops).

Some Recordings:
Utrechts Jazz Orkest ("Someone Looking After You"; LP 1977); B Wegen ("Uit Het Ei" LP 1982) Rhythm Is Our Business (CD in 1998 with the little Big Band Jazzmer); Let's Walk (CD in 2002 with compositions Bergamin by a group of 8 musicians); Easy Cooking (CD 2006 of the group Cruise Control).

Some Special Projects:
Filmmusic (1978); Poetryprojec-ts with Cas de Marez (1980); Dance Theatre (1980);  Music for Poems of Manuel Kneepkens (1982); Compositions sponsored by the City Of Rotterdam (Blaak/De Stad Als Podium) (1988). Composition for Concertband and Jazzband (1990); VNG-project 1996; Filmmusic for a Vertov-film  (1998); Swing, Jump and Jive Music 1998 for 750 Years The Hague; Music for a theatre production 'Medea' (1999). Tapdance music with Constance van Duinen ("The Visible Musician" 2007). Conductor of the Musical "Stijlloos" 2007.

Some Radio broadcasts:
With the group B-WEGEN (NOS); with the band Workshoporkest Rotterdam (NOS en VPRO) and with Rotterdam Jazz Octet. Radio Rijnmond (Dizzy Jazz Orchestra)

He published the book Basistheorie Jazzimprovisatie (Basic Theory On Jazz Improvisation)

Amethiststraat 20, 3051 VD Rotterdam.
+(31)10 4612734; +(31)628764870
E-mail: ruudbergamin@planet.nl  
WEBSITE www.ruudbergamin.com

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