Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Bergmann, Matthias

Bergmann, Matthias, trumpet/flugelhorn player and teacher; b. Emden, Germany, 7 March 1972. His father Olaf (b. 1938) was an amateur jazz trombone and piano player. His mother is Gisela (b. 1940). He joined his sister Susanne (b. 1970) in taking classical piano lessons at the age of 8. Attracted by the huge jazz record collection of his father he began playing the trumpet at the age of 12 and also took drum lessons at the age of 14. He started playing trumpet in Big Bands and Jazz Combos and took lessons and workshops with Uli Beckerhoff, Ack van Rooyen, Bobby Shew, Claudio Roditi, Markus Stockhausen and others. From 1992 to 1997 he studied at the Hilversum Conservatory in the Netherlands with Ruud Breuls, Jan Oosthof, Allan Botschinsky, Benny Bailey, Pianoplayer Rob Madna and Saxophoneplayer Ferdinand Povel. After that he moved to Cologne.

In 1995 he joined the National Youth Orchestra of Germany (Bujazzo) with leader Peter Herbolzheimer, who called him in 1998 into his own Rhythm Combination and Brass Big Band, where he played with Dianne Reeves, John Ruocco, the New York Voices, Charlie Mariano, Judy Niemack and others.

Playing in many Ensembles as a Sideman and performing on Festivals all over Europe, Russia, the States and South Africa, he founded his own quartet with reed player Oliver Leicht in 1999. In 2001 he won the German Jazzpodium Award for his Duo Program with Pianist and Composer Jurgen Friedrich with whom he also recorded for the NDR Radio Station Big Band. In 2002 he toured through China with the band of vibraphone player Christoph Eidens and also went to India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh as a member of the sextet of pianist Florian Ross, with whom he tours through Mexico and again through China in 2003.

He is currently teaching Trumpet students at the Glen Buschmann Jazz-Academy in Dortmund and doing classes and workshops all over Germany.

SOKO:  The Princess of the Sun (1997); Bujazzo:  Focus on Vocals  (1997); J.Moods Quartett:  The Gentle Ones (1998);  Anette von Eichel Band: Welcome to My World  (1999); Sorry it's Jazz: Sorry it's Jazz  (2000); FIVE: Here and Now  (2000); Frank Sackenheim Quintett:  Music of Chance (2001); Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass:  30 Years Live (2000); Andreas Schnermann Quartett:  Four in One (2000), Welcome to My Backyard  (2002)

Contact information:
Bonner Wall 6
D-50677 K ln

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