Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Bias, Gary (Anthony)

Bias, Gary (Anthony), saxophone; b. 3-14-58. Los Angeles, CA; His parents are Isaac Bias Sr., born 1914 in Crowley, LA, and Jewel Bias, born 1928 in Muskogee, Oklahoma, neither of whom were a musician. His siblings are Beverly Kent born 1943, Isaac Bias Jr born 1956, and Robert Earl Bias born 1959.

Raised in the inner city of Los Angeles, where he began playing saxophone at the age of eleven when his mother bought his first instrument as a birthday gift. He played in all the school bands and music programs as most young musicians do. And, in the seventh grade, he met up with Gerald Albright. They became best friends and band buddies and they both attended the same high school, Locke High, in Los Angeles, where they met up with other musicians such as Patrice Rushen, Ndugu Chansler, and trumpeter Ray Brown. Gary participated in many of the regional honor bands and performance groups while attending high school and achieved many awards as a result. He later, went on to major in music at California State University, where he received a Bachelor of Music degree.

During the summer break, after his first year of college, Gary was hired to tour with the Quincy Jones Orchestra at eighteen years old, sitting next to Sahib Shihab. In college he studied classical music, at night he played in local funk bands, top 40 groups, big bands and with small jazz groups in the community.
After college, he was picked up by famous Latin Jazz artist Willie Bobo, a stint that lasted two years. He later went on tour with the Duke Ellington Orchestra at age 23 under Mercer Ellington.

He snagged a gig as a staff songwriter with one of Motown's publishing companies and eventually coauthored a song with Anita Baker which later became a big hit. The song was "Sweet Love", and it won a Grammy Award for R&B Song of the Year- 1986. In 1987, Gary joined Earth, Wind and Fire. In recent years he has been on tour with Randy Crawford, Whitney Houston, and then returned to EWF in the late 1990s.

He is married to Christine E. Bias. Their children are Rashad I. Bias born 1988, and Imani R. Bias-born 1991.

2 B Free (1998)

Contact information:
(909) 247-9331 Tel.
Thunderbop@aol.com also GABIAS@aol.com

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