Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Borstlap, Michiel

Borstlap, Michiel, pianist, composer; b. The Hague, Netherlands, 5 August 1966. His father Dick introduced him to the piano while still an infant. His mother is a classical pianist, father an avant garde composer.

In 1971, he began formally taking classical piano lessons. Lennie Tristano was an early favorite. While in high school he had two piano teachers, one classical and one for jazz. His jazz playing quickly developed with the support of Rob Madna and Henk Elberhout.' At around 17 or 18 he began playing cafes and bars. He was also playing on a professional soccer team, but eventually had to devote himself just to music. In 1986, he was the Composition Award  presented by Dutch Radio. At the Hilversum Conservatory came, he took a summer job at a jazz club in Spain for 90 successive nights. Studied at the Hilversum Conservatory (studied with Henk Elkerbout, Rob Madna, and Frans Van Dalen).

He graduated from the Hilversum Conservatory in 1992, founding his own group and winning the prize for best soloist at the Europ' Jazz Contest in Brussels that same year. Offered a teaching post which he accepted for a while on a part time basis. He has played with many of the leading Dutch musicians such as Han Bennink and Ernst Reijseger as well as the Americans Les Paul, Eric Person, and Dave Liebman.

He won the 1996 Thelonious Monk Competition for composition with his piece "Memory of Enchantment" and Herbie Hancock (one of the judges) declared him his favorite young pianist and performed the piece with Wayne Shorter on national ABC-TV from the Kennedy Center in Wash., D.C. on Nov. 25. The piece helped to initiate the duet project of Hancock and Shorter and was featured on their album 1+1 and at every concert during their worldwide tour. He has since toured internationally with his own group, with the jazz-rock group White House which he founded in 1996, and with Eric Person's band.

He is a regular at the North Sea and other major jazz festivals, and appeared at the palace in Amsterdam in 1997. He is a guest lecturer at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Day Off (1992); The Sextet Live! (1995); Residence (1997); White House (1997); Han Bennink/M.B./Ernst Glerum, "3" (1997)

As sideperson:
Sylvi Lane: In The Palm Of My Hand (1994); Loet vd Lee Quartete: Going Walkabout (1996); Ad Colen Quartet: Naked (1997)

Films and television broadcasts:
STREETNOISE 12/1997 (short film)
Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival (EBU TV LIVE IN 17 COUNTRIES) 7/1997
Plantage  (Hanneke Groenteman) 4/1997
TV 'Masterclass'   Villa Achterwerk VPRO 2/1997
Compilation of 1996 Han Reiziger TV Show 12/1996
Guest at `Tineke'   (+ White House) 12/1996
Interview at CNN 11/1996
Interview at ABC 11/1996
Guest at `Middageditie' (+ White House) 11/1996
Guest at  `Een Goeie dag met Jos Brink' 11/1996
Guest with Jules Deelder TV Show  (+ White House ) 11/1996
Guest with Han Reiziger TV Show  (White House) 10/1996
Live at the North Sea JazzFestival  (Michiel Borstlap Sextet) 7/1996
Guest at Paul Haenen TV Show  (reporting tour Africa) 4/1996
Guest at Han Reiziger TV Show  (Michiel Borstlap Sextet) 3/1996
with Margreet Dolman at  PLANTAGE 12/1995

Radio broadcasts: 
Radio interviews broadcast on NPR (US, national), WNUR (Chicago), Jazzscene (Norway) and BBC 3 (UK), among others. 

de Volkskrant (95, 96 & 97); NRC Handelsblad (95 and 96); Vrij Nederland  (96); de Telegraaf  (96 & 97);  TIME  Magazine  (96); Elsevier (96); CJP Magazine (97); Viva  (97); het Parool  (95 and 96); El Pais  (94); HP/de Tijd  (96); Rheinische Post (94); Nieuwsblad v/h Noorden  (96 & 97); Algemeen Dagblad (95 and 97) Jazz Nu (95,96, & 97 coverphoto 97); Utrechts Nieuwsblad (95,96, 97); Jazzwise October 2001; PIANO (97); Leeuwarder Courant (97); Haagse Courant (97); JAZZTHING (98)

Contact information: 

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