Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Boudreaux, Buddy

Boudreaux, Buddy, alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax and clarinet; b. Donaldsonville, LA, 1917. He grew up in Baton Rouge, LA. His father was Edward L. Boudreaux Sr. 1883-1970. His mother was Rena L. Boudreaux 1889-1954. His brothers were Robert S. Boudreaux 1926-, MSGR Edward L. Boudreaux 1915-1997, and Richard L. Boudreaux 1923-1929. Buddy graduated from the University of California (Berkeley).

The highlight of his career was a concert that his band played billed as the Buddy Buddy Concert as Buddy's band played alternate sets with Buddy Rich's band through the evening. He performed six nights a week for six months with Carl Fontana, Mose Allison and Lee Fortier. 

His band backed artists such as Bob Hope, George Burns, Andy Williams, Bernadette Peters, Doc Severinson, Gladys Knight, Joan Rivers, Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick, Johnny Mathis and The Four Tops. He's opened shows for Tony Bennett, Tony Orlando, Louise Mandrell, The Beach Boys and Bill Cosby. He's also performed with: Bob Crosby, The Jimmy Dorsey Band, The Tommy Dorsey Band, The Ray McKinley Band and the Vaughn Monroe Band. While in North Africa and Italy with the Army Air Corps during World War II, he performed with an eight-piece group called the Dukes of Rhythm for USO shows, Officer and Non Com dances and Public dances in French Morroco.

He's the co-author of song entitled "My Baton Rouge" which was officially declared the official song of Baton Rouge by the Metro Council of East Baton Rouge Parish. In 1940, while in New York, he was invited by Jimmy Dorsey to be his guest at his performance at Frank Dayles Meadowbrook where he met Helen O'Connell and Bob Eberly.

He currently performs with his sixteen-piece Buddy Lee Orchestra, his seven-piece band, 
his four-piece dance combo and his four-piece XL Acoustic Jazz Band for dances, wedding receptions, shows, concerts and the like. Swing and Jazz are his main interests

His wife is Ruth Suthon Boudreaux, born 1925. His songs are Richard L. Boudreaux, 1948, John Boudreaux, Jr. 1950, trumpet, Ronald C. Boudreaux, 1956, drums, and Jeffrey L. Boudreaux, 1959, drums

For You Alone

Provided music in The Toy, Blaze, and a French movie about Louisiana.

Radio broadcasts:
In 1940, played a radio broadcast every evening for three months associated with a derby show that he provided music for.

Contact information:

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