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Breakstone, Joshua (Scott)

Breakstone, Joshua (Scott), guitar; b. Elizabeth, NJ, 22 July 1955. He was raised in Linden, NJ by Arthur and Priscilla Breakstone, both deceased. His sister Sheryl Lee Shapiro, born 3/6/46, is living in Yardley, PA. His other sister Jill Marcia Breakstone, born 8/1/49, is deceased.

In 1973, he had his graduation from The Pingry School, Hillside, NJ. From 1974-5, he did his BA studies at The Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. In 1975, he was awarded a BA in Jazz Studies from New College, Sarasota, Fl. Degree attained in three years, including one at The Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA. From 1977-8, he did masters studies in Creative Arts Education, New York University.

He's had private studies with Sal Salvador, NYC, 1969-73, from 1973-75 with Peter Rejto, Sarasota, FL, Ilona Vukovic, Sarasota, FL, Dr Ronald Riddle, Sarasota, FL, William Leavitt, Boston, MA and John Amaral, Boston, MA, in 1976 with Harry Leahey, Plainfield, NJ and in 1977 with Jimmy Guiffre, NYC.

He's performed with Warne Marsh, Barry Harris, Leroy Williams, Jack McDuff, Mel Lewis, Kenny Washington, Jimmy Knepper, Kenny Barron, Jack Wilson, Herb Ellis, Mickey Roker, Leroy Williams, Terumasa Hino, Carla White, Bruce Foreman, Teddy Charles, Harry Leahey, Billy Hart, Ronnie Mathews, Emily Remler, Dave Schnitter, Al Harewood, Ray Drummond, Vinnie Burke, Michael Moore, Bill Mays, Keith Copeland, Michel Sardaby, Bobby Broome, Gary Smulyan, Ralph Lalama, Mike LeDonne, etc.

From 1979-81, he was part of the music faculty at The Rhode Island Conservatory of Music. From 1987-89, he was an adjunct at Brooklyn College, NYC. From 1996-98, he was an adjunct at Queens College, NYC. From 1998-00, he taught at a Summer Jazz Workshop at Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ. He has taught at various other workshops around the country at colleges and public schools, and in Canada, France and Japan.

Wonderful! (with Barry Harris) (1983); Four Over Four Equals One (with Kenny Baron) (1984); Echoes (with Pepper Adams, Kenny Barron) (1986); Evening Star (with Jimmy Knepper, Tommy Flanagan) (1987); Self Portrait In Swing (with Kenny Barron) (1989); Nine By Three (1990); Walk Don't Run (with Kenny Barron) (1991); I Want To Hold Your Hand (with Kenny Barron) (1992); Oh! Darling (with Kenny Barron) (1992); Remembering Grant Green (with Jack McDuff) (1993); Sittin' On The Thing With Ming (with Kenny Barron) (1993); Let's Call This Monk (1996); This Just In (1999); Japanese Songs (1999); The Music Of Bud Powell (2000); Tomorrow's Hours: Joshua Breakstone Plays The Music of Wes Montgomery (2001); A Jamais (2003)

As sideperson:
Glen Hall: The Book Of The Heart (1979); Carla White: Mood Swings (1988)

Robin Tolleson & Bill Milkowski: Guitarists All Around, in: Down Beat (May 1988)
Bill Milkowski: HearSay. Joshua Breakstone, in: Jazz Times (Dec.1994)
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Contact information:
Joshua Breakstone
18 74th St D2
North Bergen, NJ 07047

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