Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Bregman, Buddy (Louis I Bregman II)

Bregman, Buddy [Louis I Bregman II], film composer, arranger, conductor, TV/Film producer, director, writer; b. Chicago, Illinois, 9 July. Buddy was born at Michael Reiss Hospital. His father is Robert B. Bregman (b. 1907 Cleveland, Ohio d. 1984) and his mother is Claire Styne Bregman (b. July 10, 1910 (or 1908) London, England d. 1999). She was Jule Styne's sister. His brother is Robert B. Bregman, Jr., born July 2. His cousin Michael was born on July 9. So was his newphew Tony Bregman, also the grandson of Mario Lanza as Buddy's brother Bobby's wife is Mario's daughter Ellisa Lanza Bregman.

Buddy's daughter, Tracey Elizabeth Bregman, who plays Lauren Fenmore on Young & Restless and Bold & Beautiful was born on May 29. Another uncle was saxophone player Maurie Stein. He studied piano and clarinet with Mossaiye Bogaslowski and Buck Wells at age 5 and 11 respectively.  He wrote arrangements from age 11, self-taught, by listening to Herman, Kenton, and others. He went to Senn High School (and knew Bill Russo there).

Buddy was from a well-to-do family as his father was in the steel business and his brother Robert was in the import/export business. At that time, in Chicago, his father was vice-president and secretary of Price Iron & Steel Company. The Bregman's had their own plane with full-time pilot, and our own boat with full-time captain.

The first live music he ever saw was as a 9-year-old was when Norman Granz brought his Jazz at the Philharmonic to the Chicago Opera House.  He then heard Dizzy Gillespie's Big Band at the Blue Note and Woody Herman's 3rd and 4th (4 Brothers) Herds at the Oriental Theatre - all in Chicago.  At the same time his parents took them to Palm Springs for the winter and Beverly Hills for the summer respectively.
Some Senn schoolmates worked with the band at various times - Bill Russo (trombone) and Hotsy Katz (trumpet) - and Bregman had played clarinet/tenor sax in our school dance band with these guys when he was 12.

He had an IQ of 165 and was in college at UCLA when he was 15.  While there, at age 17, a UCLA classmate's father paid for a session and he had a hit Rock & Roll record in 1954 of a Lieber & Stoller song, "I Need Your Lovin."

His brother became head of Verve's album post-production department: Buddy would make the albums and he would get them ready - all aspects including photos, notes, lists, etc. - for distribution.
One day Buddy was invited to Jose Ferrer's house for tennis.  He knew Rosie Clooney  well, and she was married to Jose then.  When he showed up Norman Granz was also there, and they were introduced.  Granz heard the flip side "Bernie's Tune," and when they met on a tennis court, he asked Bregman to work for his new label. Bregman showed up 3 days later, on a Monday, and on Tuesday after both of them trying to come up with a name, Granz came up with Verve.

Since his tenure at Verve Records, he concentrated on producing and directing in television and films. He directed music for television shows and the success of these programs led BBC Television to invite him to London to produce and direct major specials and series - the first time a foreigner was ever signed to a long-term contract. 

Upon his return to the United States (in the 80s), he accumulated a long list of credits in the capacity of producer and director on many television pilots, MOWs, specials (many written by him) and series. As TV producer, he has produced over 150 hours of programming.

Bregman, during his career as producer and director, has worked with performers such as Michael Crawford, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, Penny Marshall, Donald Sutherland, Madeline Kahn, Michael Keaton, James Earl Jones, Diahann Carroll, Nell Carter, Frank Sinatra, Jane Fonda, Bob Hope, Ethel Merman, Bing Crosby, Olivia Newton John, Dionne Warwick, Jonathan Winters, Suzanne Somers, Robert Conrad, Cheryl Lee Ralph, Roland Petit Ballet, Yves St. Laurent, Oliver Reed, Jose Greco, Louis Armstrong, Lucie Arnaz, Mel Torme, Lucille Ball, etc. 

For records/theatre/films/TV/personal appearances-he's arranged/conducted/produced/directed: Bob Fosse, Ella Fitzgerald, Jerry Lewis, Joel Grey, Barbra Streisand, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Mel Torme, Louis Armstrong, Rick Nelson, Bing Crosby, Nancy Wilson, Sammy Davis, George Martin, Dean Martin, Quincy Jones, Tony Bennett, Oscar Peterson, Debbie Reynolds, Paul Anka, Stan Getz, John Williams, Andre Previn, Vic Damone, Anthony Perkins, Ethel Merman, Bobby Darin, Eydie Gorme, Jack Haley, Sir Michael Redgrave, Peter Lawford, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante, Ray Bolger, Milton Berle, Carl Reiner, Don Rickles, etc.

Before becoming an independent filmmaker Buddy was under long-term contract as Producer, developing and producing for the following studio/production entities: Universal, Columbia, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Embassy, Metromedia, MGM, British Broadcasting Corporation, London Weekend Television. He has also partnered/co-produced/developed MOWs, pilots and TV series with Green/Epstein Productions, The Carsey-Werner Company and Castle Rock Entertainment.

Record Albums Arranged & Conducted (Selected):
Ella Fitzgerald: Cole Porter Songbook, Rodgers & Hart Songbook; Bing Crosby: Bing Sings Whilst Bregman Swings; Count Basie/Joe Williams: The Greatest; Anita O'Day: Rules Of The Road, Anita, Pick Yourself Up; Oscar Peterson: Soft Sands; Gershwin Songbook; Swinging Kicks (Featuring Stan Getz/Andre Previn/John Williams [Film Score Only]) (1999); Buddy Rich: Buddy Rich Sings Johnny Mercer; Fred Astaire: Fred Astaire Sings; Jane Powell: Can't We Be Friends; Carmen McRae: Something Wonderful; Swinging Standards; Annie Ross: Gypsy; Jerry Lewis: Jerry Lewis Just Sings; Bobby Darin: Bobby Darin At The Copa; Sammy Davis Jr. Porgy & Bess, Mr. Entertainment, Sammy Awards; Eydie Gorme: Eydie Vamps The 20's; Matt Monroe: Matt Monroe Sings Academy Award Songs; Paul Anka: Paul Anka Sings Songs Of The World; It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing (1999)

Motion Picture Scores - Composed And/Or Orchestrated (Selected):
Crime In The Streets - John Cassavetes (Don Siegal Dir.) Ua
Pajama Game - Doris Day (Bob Fosse Choreographer/Stanley Donen Dir.) Warners
The Delicate Delinquent - Jerry Lewis (Don Mc Guire Dir.) Paramount
The Wild Party - Anthony Quinn (Harry Horner Dir.)  Ua
Secret Of The Purple Reef-Peter Falk/Richard Chamberlin Fox
Five Guns West Roger Corman
The Cat Burglar Roger Corman
Valley Of The Redwoods Roger Corman
Hot Car Girl Roger Corman
Money From Home - Martin & Lewis Paramount
Red Garters Paramount
Kelly & Me Universal
The Big Beat Universal
Born Reckless (Howard Koch-Producer/Director) Warners

TV Specials/Series - Musical Director/Conductor/Arranger (Selected):
Panama Hattie - Ethel Merman/Art Carney CBS
Ruggles Of Red Gap - Starring Sir Michael Redgrave, Jane Powell, Paul Lynde, Imogene Coca, Peter Lawford NBC
Anything Goes - Frank Sinatra/Ethel Merman NBC
Eddie Fisher Show - Chesterfield (40 Shows) NBC
Shower Of Stars - Ethel Merman (6 Specials) CBS
Victor Borge Special - Victor & Buddy (Co-Star) + 65 Piece Orchestra CBS

Producer/Director Credits  (Selected):
Ain't Misbehavin' - (Producer) 2 Hour Special - Emmy Nomination And Image Award Winner NBC
Sun Power Film (Director) Starring Jane Fonda ABC
The American Civil War Film (Producer/Director/Conceived By) Starring Donald Sutherland BBC
Olivia Newton John Feature Film (Producer/Director/Writer) Fox
Newport Jazz Festival Film (Producer/Director/Writer) NBC
Pros & Cons Film - (Executive Producer/Creator) 2 Hour Mow For Universal ABC
Tribute To Cole Porter (Producer/Director) BBC
Everybody Loves Gershwin (Producer/Director) BBC
Roland Petit Ballet Company In Paris Film (Producer/Director) Yves St. Laurent Costume Design BBC
An Evening With Ethel Merman (Producer/Director/Writer) BBC
The World Of Richard Rodgers (Producer/Director) 2 1-Hour Specials BBC
Part 1:  Rodgers & Hart
Part 2:  Rodgers & Hammerstein
Shirley Bassey Special (Producer/Director/Writer) BBC
An Evening With Jule Styne (Producer/Director/Writer) Itv
Miracle Mile - Pilot - (Executive Producer/Co-Creator) 1/2 Hour For 20th Fox NBC
Fraud Squad - Pilot - (Executive Producer/Creator) 1/2 Hour For Universal ABC
Oh, Madeline - Series (Exec.Chg. Prod./Exec Consultant/Co-Creator - Starring Madeline Kahn   ABC
Nancy Wilson Show (Producer/Director) BBC
More Than Brothers - (Exec. Producer) For Paramount 1/2 Hour Pilot Starring The Hudson Brothers   ABC
Circus Of The Stars (Dir.) 2 Hour Special - Starring 40 Stars Penny Marshall, Lucille Ball, Etc.) CBS
The Danny Thomas Special (Director) Starring Bob Hope, Suzanne Somers And Frank Sinatra CBS
Jonathan Winters Pilot (Director) CBS
Great American Music Celebration (Exec. Prod/Director) For 20th Fox - Starring Dionne Warwick NBC
Diahann Carroll Special (Producer/Director) BBC
Chicago In The Roaring 20'S (Producer/Director) BBC
Bing Crosby In Dublin (Producer) Itv
The Jose Greco Flamenco Specials (Producer/Director) BBC
Saga Of The Wild West (Producer/Director) BBC
Fair Weather Friends (Director) Starring Oliva Newton John, Rich Little, Roy Clark, Captain & Tenille, CBC
Juliet Prowse Special (Producer/Director) BBC
International Cabaret - 3yr. Series - (Prod/Dir/Creator) BBC
On The Scene - Filmed Series - (Producer/Creator) Itv
Pure Gold (Director) 1 Hour Special   Cbc
Rene Simard - Superkid (Director) Also Starring Diahann Carroll And Sandy Duncan Cbc
Greatest Sports Legends - Filmed Series (Director) Hosted By Reggie Jackson ABC
Canteen Ladies - Presentation/Pilot (Producer) Disney
The Proteens (Producer/Director) - Pilot Fox
Great Broadway Showstoppers (Producer/Director) Special  BBC
Tribute To Shirley Temple  (Producer/Director) Special Fox
March Of Dimes - (Producer/Director) Special Starring Louis Armstrong NBC

Theatrical Directing Credits (Selected):
Too Good For The Average Man - `Rodgers & Hart' Camelot Theatre NY
Capone: The Musical! (Composer/Co-Writer As Well) Lost Theatre
The Trial Of Ezra Pound Written By Buddy Bregman Theatre 40
The Lover By Harold Pinter   Theatre East
Between Mouthfuls By Alan Aykbourn Theatre East
The Way It Is By David Blum New Lincoln Th. NY
Jump Jim Crow Written By Buddy Bregman Royal Shakespeare Co
Rehearsal For Larry (Hart) Written By Buddy Bregman  Westwood Playhouse

Film/Television Theatrical Awards:
Emmy Nomination  'Ain't Misbehavin' - NBC - (Producer)
Image Award (Naacp) Winner 'Ain't Misbehavin' - NBC - (Producer)
Director Of The Year & Show Of The Year (Producer/Director) Nominated For 'American Civil War' - BBC
Montreux Special Television Award - International Competition - Honorable Mention Award (Two Separate Years) For: 'Millie & Roy' And 'The Roland Petit Ballet Company In Paris' - Costumes By Yves St. Laurent

Contact information:
Bregman Entertainment
1950 Sawtelle Blvd., Suite 360
Los Angeles, Calif. 90025
(213) 833-6207

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