Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Brooks, Kenny (Kenneth C.)

Brooks, Kenny (Kenneth C.), guitarist, composer, arranger; b. Lake Charles, LA, 25 April 1955. He's the son of Clifton and Vera Brooks. He's the brother of two sisters, Patricia (Deceased) and Carolyn. He's husband to Reiko Hashiba and father to Angela Norie'.

Brooks began performing in gospel groups at age 12 in his hometown of Lake Charles, Louisiana. At age 16, he began performing popular music, first with the R & B group the Repetitions, who performed though out southern Louisiana and Southeast Texas. When the group disbanded, he, along with the bassist and keyboardist began performing R & B instrumentals and Jazz arrangements in small nightclubs of his hometown.  The no named combo evolved to the group Black Love, performing as a backup band for local vocalist in the Houston, Texas area. With this group, he remained the lead guitarist, performing at festivals and arenas for audiences of 5000+. 

Shortly after, Kenny did some touring and traveling. He performed with the pop rock group Mirage in West Germany, the R & B group Genesis in Arkansas and Tennessee, the contemporary jazz group, the9th of June in Tokyo, Japan, and a Pop-Rock Combo, Horizon in the Illinois area. After many years in popular music Kenny began to focus more on traditional jazz by joining the Chanute Big Band. The band had performances with Jazz greats Dizzy Gilespy and Count Basie. Kenny then moved to Southern California and joined another pop rock group named Final Approach. Soon after he joined the Big Band, Center Stage.

Center Stage: Adelante (1994); Off Shore (2002)

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