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Brubeck, Darius (David Darius Brubeck)

Brubeck, Darius [David Darius Brubeck], piano, composer, educator; b. San Francisco, CA, 14 June 1947. He went to Wesleyan University, and studied history of religions and world music, primarily Indian music. Before 1983, he toured internationally as part of Two Generations Of Brubeck and The New Brubeck Quartet (Dave, Darius, Chris and Dan Brubeck), made TV appearances and recorded for Atlantic Records. They had appeared in South Africa in 1976 and maintained connections there. Darius joined the Music Department University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, in 1983, starting the first Jazz Studies course offered by an African University. Today he is the Director of the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music and Professor of Jazz Studies at the University of Natal. His wife Cathy, a South African, is Special Projects Coordinator, a position which includes fund-raising as well as managing bands and events. In 1989 Brubeck formed Afro Cool Concept and their performance at the 1990 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is available on MELT 2000.

Brubeck has performed with the London Symphony Orchestra, which played four of his arrangements as part of a programme honoring his father's 70th birthday and similar concerts took place in 1995 in both England and Austria for Dave's 75th. 

Among high-profile projects is a collaboration with virtuoso bansuri (Indian flute) player, Deepak Ram.  Their premiere concert Gathering Forces 2, which was also released by MELT 2000 features Airto Moreira, Matthew Brubeck, Chris Merz and a line-up of South African musicians. Darius Brubeck And Gathering Forces 3 premiered new works at the 1997 "Fin de Siecle" Festival in Nantes and the CD will be released during 1999.

In 1995 Brubeck gave concerts, lectures and workshops in Europe, ending up with a performance at Vicenza's Teatro Olimpico with Italian jazz musicians.  A 1996 tour to Istanbul featured a University based quartet Thusini and following Turkey, Afro Cool Concept was on stage at the Thailand International Jazz Festival. This band also performed at the Celimontana Jazz Festival (Italy) in July 1997 and on the South African jazz circuit in 1998.   

Darius Brubeck has presented several series of national radio shows on Radio South Africa and has worked for the development of jazz in South Africa as a performer, producer, educator and composer.  He was based at the University of Nottingham (England) for a year from August 1999 to July 2000, while doing post-graduate work.

Selected recordings:
Chaplin's Back (1971); Tugela Rail (1984); Darius Brubeck & the NU Jazz Connection African Tributes (1992); Darius & Dan Brubeck: Gathering Forces I (1992);Darius Brubeck/Victor Ntoni: Afro Cool Concept, Live in New Orleans (1993); Darius Brubeck/Deepak Ram: Gathering Forces II (1994)

As sideperson:
Dave Brubeck: Two Generations Of Brubeck (1972), "Brother The Great Spirit Made Us All" (1974), New Wine (1990); The New Brubeck Quartet: Live at Montreux (1977); Larry Coryell & the Brubeck Brothers: Better Than Live (1978); Larry Coryell: Return (1978); Allen Kwela: The Unknown (1985); The Jazzanians: We Have Waited Too Long (1988); Duke Makasi: The Brothers (1990); Abdullah Ibrahim: Mantra Mode (1991); Dave Brubeck & Sons: In Their Own Sweet Way, Telarc (1997)

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Various news items at iaje.org

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