Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Brubeck, Dave (David Warren)

Brubeck, Dave (David Warren), pianist, composer; b. Concord, Cal., Dec. 6, 1920.
In 1880 in Adams Township, Indiana lived a farmer Edward Becham (b. 1835 or 6 in Kentucky, as was his father; his mother was from Virginia). His wife Jane M. was born 1834 or 5 in Virginia, as were her parents and her former husband whose family name was Brubeck. They lived with Jane's three sons, all born in Virginia, Howard Brubeck (a carpenter, b. 1855 or 6), John H. (a farmer, b. 1857 or 8) and Charles L. (a laborer, b. 1860 or 61). Howard was to be the father of Dave Brubeck's father Howard Peter Brubeck, known as Pete, b. 1885 or early in '86. Dave believes that Pete had some native American ancestry.

Dave's mother's father was Henry Ivey, a laborer born in England in 1851 or 2 who came to the U.S. in 1871 and settled in Concord, California by 1880, apparently living on his own. He soon married a woman of German background (and possibly part Russian) who spoke German. Their daughter Elizabeth Ivey, known as Bessie, was listed as born July 4, 1886. Her brother Henry Ivey Jr. was born in 1888 or 9.

Somehow  Pete Brubeck made his way from Indiana to Concord, Cal. (there were other Brubecks in California, so possibly he felt he would not be without family there), and by 1906 or 7 he and Bessie were married and living in Concord with her father Henry Ivey, who was now a keeper of stables. Henry Jr. was a stableman. Pete was working as a farmer and cattle rancher. By 1920 Pete and Bessie owned a home on Colfax Street in Concord, and Pete was a retailer dealing in cattle. They had three sons, Henry Ivey Brubeck (b. 29 JAN 1910; d. 1986),Howard R(engstorff) Brubeck (b. Concord, Calif., July 11, 1916; d. 16 Feb 1993 in Calif.), and the youngest, Dave.

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