Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Brundl, Manfred

Brundl, Manfred, double and electric bass, composer, teacher; b. Regensburg, Germany, 18 September 1959. His parents Johann (who played the violin) and Loise (born Weber) Brundl were both born 1927. His brother is Hans Brundl (born 1953). Manfred taught himself guitar at the age of 8.

From the age of 9, he took professional violin and viola lessons. Started classical double-bass lessons in 1972 and playing the electric-bass in 1974. Became dedicated to jazz from about the age of 12. A-levels in biology and music in 1978. Played in the army classical orchestra in 1978-79. From 1979-80 he moved to London. From 1980-85 he studied jazz and classical music at the Music Academy in Graz/Austria with Prof. Wayne Darling, Prof. Krawagna (Wiener Symphoniker), Prof. Dieter Glawischnig, Adelhard Roidinger, Peter Herbolzheimer, and Bo Stief. In 1982 he became member of the Heinz Sauer Quartet.

In 1985 he moved from Graz to Mainz and then to Wiesbaden and became a member of the Frankfurt jazz scene. 1985 he founded his own quartet called "Basslab". He toured Africa for the German "Goethe-Institut" in 1987. In 1989 Brundl became lecturer at Mainz University and at the Peter-Cornelius-Konservatorium in Mainz. For the German "Goethe-Institut" he toured Asia and Turkey  (India, Sri Lanca, Nepal, Pakistan) in 1990, Canada in 1994 and in 1995, America (Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico and Cuba). In 1995 Brundl composed "Farblichtklange" for Radio Saarland (department of contemporary music). Brundl became lecturer at international workshops. In 1995 he received the Jazz award of the city of Frankfurt/M.

In 1996 he became a professor, dean and head of the jazz institute at the  Franz Liszt"  Music Academy in Weimar. In 1998 he moved with his family (wife Dr. Sonja Brundl-Price & daughters Aisha-Colleen  and Tara-Marie) to Weimar. In 1999 he founded the crossover ensemble "Composers Orchestra Weimar" which toured and recorded every year since, combining jazz- and classical music. In 2003 Brundl founded his new group called "Silent Bass," with saxophonist Hugo Read, pianist Achim Kaufmann and drummer Jo Thones.

Amongst others he played at the following festivals: Bombay, New Dehli (Jazz Yatra), Frankfurt/ Deutsches Jazzfestival, "Post This & Neo That" at the Cologne Philharmonic Hall, Luzern, Basel, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Toronto and Montreal.

Amongst others he played with Albert Mangelsdorff, Charlie Mariano, Barry Altschul, Herb Ellis, Craig Harris, Phil Wilson, Norma Winstone, Terumasa Hino, Leo Wright, Zach Danziger, Wayne Krantz, Aldo Romano, Francoise Jeanneau, Harry Pepl, Ack van Rooyen, Fritz Pauer, Christof Lauer, T.M. Stevens, Matthias Schubert, Bill Elgart, Jo Nay, Simon Nabatov, Stefan Bauer, Michael Sagmeister, Ingrid Schmithusen, Prof. Michinori Bunya.

Recordings, broadcasts, films:
Heinz Sauer: Metal Blossoms  (1984); Matthieu Michel, Walter Norris: Blue Light  (1986); Gabriele Hasler, Bob Degen: God Is A She (1986); Gabriele Hasler: Listening To Lobering (1989); Brundl's Basslab: Nightmeer  (1989), Aisha  (1991), Live, Feat. Barry Altschul (1992); Suite Talk feat. Tomasz Stanko and Michael Riessler (1993); Farblichtklange  (1997).
He appeared in many major jazz shows on European TV- and radio stations (e.g. 2003 Deutschlandfunk: Composers Orchestra playing his composition "JODO" for Jazz- & string-Quartet).
In 2000 he recorded the music for the film "Mein Bruder der Idiot" (ZDF/Arte) with trumpeter Till Bronner.

Publishing of his own bass-method A New Approach To Playing The Double-& Electric Bass  (Schott/Mainz) in progress.

Contact information:
Prof. Manfred Brundl
Email: manfred.bruendl@t-online.de
Address: Ins Umpferstedter Holz 1, 99441 Weimar
Tel. +49-3643-502629
Homepage: www.manfredbruendl.de
Hochschule fur Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar: www.hfm-weimar.de

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