Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Bruni, Pierluigi "Perry"

Bruni, Pierluigi "Perry", saxophone; b. 12 August 1961, S. Benedetto del Tronto, Italy. He began studying saxophone at age 13 with Ugo Fusco. At 15 he entered the conservatory in Pescara to major in clarinet, and here he had his first jazz experience in 1977.

He studied at Ravenna with M.Brecker in '85 and with D.Liebman in '86 and he went to the programs in Siena and Perugia. In the summer of 1990 he collaborated with MARCHES JAZZ ORCHESTRA directed by Bruno Tommaso, subsequently in various groups with P. Della Porta, A. Vannucchi, L. Fulci, A. Beneventano, R. Biseo, G. Oddi, C. Santucci, A. Mancinelli, M. Moriconi,   F. Di Castri, M. Roche, M. Manzi, P. Fresu, G.L. Trovesi and others. He part for three years of the saxophone ensemble directed by Gianni Oddi (IALSAX ENSAMBLE). He has worked in theatre and he has done many studio sessions for advertisements and for films.

In '91 he participated in a seminar of Professor Claude Delangle. He recorded a CD as a leader, and for most of  1995 was under contract with the theater company DRAMMATEATRO.

He is the founder of the leading site for Italian jazz, www.jazzitalia.com, known as Jazz Italy On-line.

Pierluigi Bruni
via Monte San Michele 78
63039 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP)
Fax +39(0)735.780957
e-mail perry@insinet.it

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