Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Burrows, Jared (Brent)

Burrows, Jared (Brent), guitarist, composer; b. Burnaby, BC, Canada 21 June 1973. Currently residing in Vancouver, BC. His father, Brent Burrows (b. New Westminister, BC, Canada, February 3, 1948) was a guitarist. His mother is Andrea Burrows (Tidmarsh) (b. Vancouver, BC, Canada, December 2, 1952). His siblings are Benjamin (b. 1975), Mary (b. 1977) and Michael (b. 1980), the latter a saxophonist, all born in Burnaby, BC, Canada. In 1996, he married Jennifer Ruth Burrows (Garrett) (b. 1965). They currently have two children, Isaac (b. 1998) and Isabelle (b. 2000).

He received a Music Diploma from Capilano College (1992) where he studied guitar with Ihor Kukurudza; received a BA in Music (1996) Simon Fraser University where he studied composition with Rudolph Komorous and Martin Gotfrit; Doctoral studies in Composition, University of Oregon (1997-1999) where he studied with Robert Kyr and David Crumb; M.Mus. in Jazz Studies, University of Oregon (1999-2000) where he studied with Steve Owen; and a Ph.D in Arts Education, Simon Fraser Univeristy, supervisor Yaroslav Senyshyn.

Guitarist/Composer Jared Burrows was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has performed extensively on the concert stage, festivals, radio and television throughout Canada and the USA with his own ensembles and with such great jazz artists as Hugh Fraser, Muhal Richard Abrams, Bill Clark, Andre Lachance, Francois Houle, Dylan Vanderschyff, Peggy Lee, Roger Baird, and Bruce Freedman. Some of his musical influences include jazz musicians Jim Hall, Ornette Coleman and Paul Bley, and twentieth century composers such as Kurt Weill, Stravinsky, and Shostakovich.

In addition to maintaining a busy performing career playing jazz and improvised music, Jared has played and composed music for film, dance, and theater and written concert works for chamber groups and electroacoustic resources.  Jared tours Western Canada and the USA regularly with groups including: the Knotty Ensemble, Jared Burrows Quartet and Trio, Burrows/Kohler Duo, and Clark/Burrows/Taylor. Burrows plays guitar, bass, clarinet, and accordion with various jazz and new music ensembles throughout British Columbia, Oregon, and Alberta as well as acting as studio player, mastering engineer and producer on local projects. 

ared holds a Masters degree in Jazz Studies from the University of Oregon where he was also a doctoral student in composition and taught theory, improvisation, repertoire, and large and small ensembles in the Jazz Studies department. After a few years in the USA, he has returned to Vancouver, BC with his wife and two children. He holds a Ph.D in Arts Education from Simon Fraser University where he is a Sessional Instructor in the Faculty of Education. In what remains of his spare time, he builds guitars and basses for some of the West Coast's finest performers.

Jared Burrows Quartet (1995); Northern Exposure (1998); Knotty Ensemble: Knotty Bits (1999),Live (2000); December Sessions (2000); Clark/Burrows/Taylor: Scenes from...? (2001), Plan on Stan (2002); Burrows/Reed/Macdonald: Sukha (2004)

As sideperson:
Tim Barrett Quintet/Trio: The Path (2001)

Radio/Television Broadcasts:
Vancouver Cooperative Radio CFRO with Sound and Fury (1996, 1997); MuseArt (1997); Bruce Freedman Quartet (1997); BCTV (1994)

Academic research papers by the artist
"Confronting Existential Questions: The Rise of Free Improvisation in Jazz Education"
published in IAJE Jazz Research Proceeding Yearbook, p. 156-162. (2003)
"Musical Archetypes and the Collective Conscious: Cognitive Distribution and Improvised Music"
published on the web at http://www.geocities.com/thirdrailmusic/academic.html  (2002)
"Confronting Existential Questions: The Musical Benefits of Free Improvisation"
published on the web at http://www.geocities.com/thirdrailmusic/academic.html  (2002)
"Resonances: Exploring Improvisation and its Implications for Music
Education", Ph.D. thesis. (2004)

Contact info:
website:  http://www.geocities.com/thirdrailmusic
e-mail:  jaredburrows@hotmail.com

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