Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Callahan, Anna (Deirdre Ariadne)

Callahan, Anna (Deirdre Ariadne), jazz singer, trumpeter, arranger, composer, lyricist.; b. Kingston, NY 6 September 1969. Her father is (John) Stephen Callahan, born 4/27/38. Her mother is (Dorothy) Julia Jonathan, born 2/18/37. Her brothers are Jonathan Stephen Callahan, born 1/2/63 and Timothy Kirkpatrick Callahan born 8/9/67. Her sister is Myfanwy Galadriel Truth Callahan, born 8/12/75. She lived in upstate NY until she was 8, then in St Louis till she was 14, then in Chicago until she graduated from high school.  She then spent a year in Italy before going to Ann Arbor to attend the University of Michigan.  She moved to Los Angeles in 1996.

She has played trumpet and sung in various ensembles ranging from small combos and big bands to tight-harmony vocal jazz groups. She wrote and arranged her first jazz composition for big band in high school, where she also won state awards for both vocal jazz and classical trumpet playing.
While at the University of Michigan, Anna became the leading force in the newly formed vocal group Amazin' Blue. Under her direction, the group won national awards for their recordings and for Anna's arrangements from the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America. She was also one of four arrangers in UAAS, an international service providing arrangements for both a cappella and accompanied vocal groups.

By the age of twenty-three Anna had established herself as a gifted arranger. At this point her drive to fully understand the jazz medium compelled her to immerse herself in the other dimension of jazz improvisation.  Without any formal jazz training, she was soon able to hold her own as a trumpeter with many accomplished musicians in the Ann Arbor area, including Paul Keller (bassist for Diana Krall) and Mark Hynes (saxophonist with the Rodney Whitaker Sextet).  In Los Angeles, Anna taught Vocal Jazz at California State University at Long Beach where she led award-winning ensembles before she left to concentrate on performing.

In the fall of 2000 she formed the Anna Callahan quartet, which has performed at Los Angeles area clubs such as Steamers, Charlie Os, Spazio, and the Four Points Sheraton Jazz Masters Series, among others.

Currently a resident of Boston, Anna now performs with groups ranging from duets with piano or guitar to septets including other horns. 

My Ideal (2002); Tomorrow I'll Tell You I Love You (2004)

The Collegiate A Cappella Arranging Manual, by Anna Callahan 1996, now published by Hal Leonard.

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