Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Callaway, Ann Hampton

Callaway, Ann Hampton, vocals, piano, composer (b. Chicago, May 30, 1958). One of the finest singer/songwriters in straight-ahead jazz and cabaret, Callaway has recorded 13 albums and composed over 300 songs. In addition to Callaway’s recordings, her songs have been recorded by Barbra Streisand, Carole King and Karrin Allyson. A devotee of classic American pop songs, Callaway’s repertoire includes songs by all of the major song composers of Tin Pan Alley, plus songs by current pop/rock composers including Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell. Most of her singing is in the husky and seductive alto range, but when she scats, she moves into the brighter soprano register. Her albums tend to be focused on concepts, but her live performances are marked by quick changes in mood. In a performance at the Vail Jazz Party, she moved from a touching “Ev’rytime We Say Goodbye” (a memorial to her recently deceased father) to a pair of hilarious imitations of Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan singing the Callaway-composed theme to the TV series The Nanny. Callaway appeared in the Tony-nominated musical Swing! and has hosted and produced two PBS specials on the American songbook. Callaway’s father was the noted broadcaster John Callaway, her mother is the vocal coach Shirley Callaway, and her sister is Broadway and cabaret star Liz Callaway. Callaway lives in New York and performs worldwide. Her website is www.annhamptoncallaway.com

. Contributor: Thomas Cunniffe