Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Carlberg, Frank (Thomas)

Carlberg, Frank (Thomas), pianist, composer, educator, b. Helsinki, Finland, 7 February 1961.  Moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1986 and to Brooklyn, NY in 1992.  Obtained Bachelors of Music from Berklee College of Music in 1989 and Masters of Music (Jazz Performance) from New England Conservatory of Music in 1991.  Studied with Geri Allen, Ran Blake, Paul Bley and Jimmy Giuffre.  He's currently on the faculty at Berklee College and New England Conservatory for piano and composition.

He's been an Artist in Residence at Pop/Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki, FInland since 1993.  He's done performances at Umbria Jazz, Pori, Sea Jazz, Montreal Jazz, Boston Globe, Jazz de Andernos (Cape Verde), Jazz Yatra (India), Tampere Biennale (Finland), Fiesta and Texas Jazz, Imatra Big Band Festival, SIGMA Festival (Bordeaux). He's made appearances in Scandinavia, Poland, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, India, Portugal, Cape Verde, Canada, etc. Also, he's performed at Kennedy Center of Performing Arts in Wash. D.C., National Centre of Performing Arts in Bombay, India and Finnish National Opera House, Helsinki.  Performances with John LaPorta, Steve Lacy, Bob Brookmeyer, Kenny Wheeler, George Garzone among others.  Awards include performance grants from the Finnish Government for concert tours, Winner of the Cognac Hennessey Jazz Search (1992), winner of the Jazz Composer's Alliance (1997) and Boston Jazz Society Award (1992).  He received recording grants to record original compositions.  He's done commissions from National Opera in Helsinki, Finland, Battery Dance Company, Melrose Symphony, among others.  His compositions have been choreographed by New York City based modern dance company the Battery Dance Company and have been performed in Poland, Finland, India Sweden, US, etc.

His children are Priya (b 1996) and Rahul (b. 1999). He's married to vocalist Christine Correa.

In the Land of Art; Variations of a Summer Day; The Crazy Woman; Blind Drive

As sideperson:
Christine Correa: Ugly Beauty; Audra Menconi: Prologue Bob Brookmeyer: Where do we go from here; Andrew Rathbun: Sculptures; Klaus Suonsaari: Offering, Portrait in Sound; Lello Molinari: Multiple Personalities; Jimmy Weinstein: Prelude; Steve Grover: Consideration, Blackbird Suite, Remember, Steve Grover Trio; Don Houge: Soul Music; Marguerite Juenemann: By Whose Standards

Contact information:
Frank Carlberg
Van Brunt Station
P.O. Box 150-597
Brooklyn NY 11215
Tel: (718) 499-9051
contact: chrcorrea@aol.com

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