Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Carter, Deborah (Joyce)

Carter, Deborah (Joyce), vocalist, composer, arranger; b. El Paso, TX, 29 July 1956. She was raised in Oahu, Hawaii and Okinawa, Japan. Her parents are Catherine Carter (b. 21 Spetember 1927), a piano teacher, and Alvin Lilton Carter (b. 11 November 1929). She attended the Berklee School of Music.

She tours with her own and has performed at many jazz festivals, seminars, jazz clubs, and radio- and TV-shows in European countries like the Netherlands (including the North Sea Jazz Festival), Germany, Belgium, England, Spain, Latvia, etc. During her years in Spain she collaborated on cd's with Max Sunyer, Carles Benavent and Salvador Niebla adding vocals to their typical brand of Mediterranean jazz.

Besides working with her own group, which performs her personal choice of contemporary jazz, Deborah is frequently invited as a guest artist with a number of established European jazz orchestras to sing the great jazz classics. Some of these are: the Timeless Orchestra, the HR (Frankfurt Radio) Big Band, Mike Mossman's Sedavi Big Band, The American Songbook Orchestra, the Ruud Bos Big Band, the Metropole Orchestra, the Berlin Jazz Orchestra and the Dutch Swing College Band. With the latter she did a theater tour featuring a "Duke Ellington Tribute" in 1999. In 2000 and 2001, she toured the Dutch theaters with Scott Hamilton, Michael Varekamp, Frits Landesbergen with a "Tribute to Louis Armstrong" show.

In 2003/2004 a tour is scheduled with amongst others Michael Varekamp and Frits Landesbergen with a program called "The Legends", featuring songs of the jazz greats of the 20th  century. Another project she was involved with is Michiel Borstlap's Vocal 2002.

Deborah also worked with Carles Benavent, Max Sunyer, Joan Bibiloni, Mike Del Ferro, Leonardo Amuedo, Cor Bakker, Harry Verbeeke, Lex Jasper, Benjamin Herman, The Beets Brothers, and Michel Vanagee.

At the age of seven Deborah began as a woodwind instrumentalist in Hawaii and later started to study music theory, arranging, and composition in her early teens in Japan. She continued her studies at the Berklee College of Music. She also initiated her experience in theater during her 3-year sojourn in the Orient playing several lead and supporting roles in Broadway musicals presented by young American theater group there.

Deborah Carter spent a few years in Spain. She worked as an understudy in the Broadway musical "Barnum" for one year in Madrid, then formed her own jazz quintet with whom she appeared in many jazz festivals in major cities in Spain. She has been an invited guest on national TV and radio shows in addition to acquiring ample experience as a session singer for TV and radio commercials.

Deborah J. Carter is touring with her trio consisting of Coen Molenaar (Holland), piano, Mark Zandveld (Holland), bass, Enrique Firpi (Uruguay), drums. She's married to Mark Zandveld, bassist.

'Scuse Me... (1998); 'Round Moonlight  (2003)

As sideperson:
Palma de Mallorca:  Jazz festival of l986; Max Sunyer Quartet: Black Coral (1995); Salvador Niebla: Azul (1997); Dutch Swing College Band Plays "Duke Ellington" (1999); Michael Varekamp and Frits landesbergen: Dear Louis (2000)

Contact information:
JoyFelt productions
email: info@deborahcarter.com
tel/fax: +31 20 6310638
web: www.deborahcarter.com

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