Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Cegarra, Victor

Cegarra, Victor, pianist/keyboardist; b. Caracas, Venezuela, 23 February, 1959. While in Caracas, he studied music in Juan Manuel Olivares National Conservatory of Music where he studied Music Theory and Solfege for 5 years and in Lino Gallardo Conservatory of Music where he studied complementary piano. While in Venezuela he also studied jazz piano and harmony with Olegario Diaz, a Berklee College of Music Graduate.

He moved to Austin, Tx. in the summer of 1982 where he started performing locally and in a few surrounding cities with some straight ahead jazz groups as well as with salsa bands. He moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 1986 where he still resides. Here he had the opportunity of working with a few Latin Jazz artists. Among some Tito Puente, Bobby Matos, Dave Pike, Rudy Regalado, Bobby Rodriguez, Susie Hansen, Opa Opa salsa band, Bobby Redfield, Poncho Sanchez, Costa Azul salsa band, Candy Sosa, Gilberto Torres, Justo Almario, Alex Acua and many other local and international artist in a variety of musical situations and genres from distinct ethnic backgrounds to straight ahead jazz and other American Pop styles of music.

At this moment he is working as a freelance pianist/keyboardist doing regular appearances with Candy Sosa, Bobby Redfield Latin Jazz Band, Bobby Matos and his Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble, and Rudy Regalado and Orchestra Chevere. He is also working as a performer and producer of several independent recording projects. He works full time as an Elementary School Teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District and as a student, assistant instructor of Kung Fu for the Little Tao Dragon school of Martial and Healing Arts.

His musical studies also include going to El Camino College (Associate's of Arts in Music) 1991, California State University at Los Angeles (Bachelor's of Music in Piano Performance and Concentration in Jazz Studies) 1993, and the Dick Grove School of Music (no longer in existance) Advanced Keyboard, Harmony course with Clare Fischer as well as other sight-reading workshops.

Victor Cegarra and Gilberto Torres: Venezuela Desde Afuera (2003)

As sideperson:
Cal. State L.A. Jazz Ensembles: For the Love of Art (1992); Jeff Benedict: Castle Creek Shuffle (1995); Cal. State L.A. Jazz Ensembles: A Minor Excursion (1997); Opa Opa: Mojaditicos (1995); Bobby Matos Afro Cuban Jazz Ensemble: Chango's Dance (1995), Footprints (1996), Live at MOCA (1998), Sessions (1998); Eliseo Borrero: Amanecer Caribeo (1998); Frank Perez: Entra a la Fiesta (1998); Bobby Matos: Viva Cubop Jazz the Afro-Cuban Way (1999); Dave Pike: Peligroso (2000); Bobby Matos and John Santos: Mambo Jazz (2001); Antonio Flores: Andes Trance (2001)

Contact information:
Victor Cegarra
(310) 921-1075
or email at:

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