Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Chattin, Bill

Chattin, Bill, drums; b. 15 Indianapolis, Indiana, August 1947. Attended Berkeley College for 1 semester fulltime during which time he had ensemble training with Gary Burton, drums with Alan Dawson (1971). Years of Private Study:  5 years with Lennie Tristano (1971-75), 2 years with Gene Roma (Boston, via Berkeley) (1970-71), 8  years with Richard Paul in Indianapolis (1957-64). He now lives in New Rochelle New York.

He's been performing in a trio with Larry Bluth (piano) and Don Messina (bass) since 1982. All three are involved with the music and teachings of Lennie Tristano and Sal Mosca; they have participated in jazz festivals, recorded on records/compact discs and performed in Mid-Atlantic/New England area clubs, colleges, libraries, museums and art centers. Chattin and Don Messina have accompanied Jimmy Halperin, Sal Mosca, Ted Brown, Judy Neimack, Lee Konitz, Dick Katz, Tardo Hammer, Stanley Turrentine, Phil Woods, Jon Easton, Bob Arthurs, and Vassar Clemmons. Chattin now lives in New Rochelle New York.

Trio: Formations (1999); Five Concerts and a Landscape; Live at Orfeo; Jimmy Halperin: Cycle Logical


Contact information:
email bmctrio@concenctric.net

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