Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Chevan, David

Chevan, David, electric bass; b. Philadelphia, PA, 19 September, 1960. His parents are Albert and Janet Chevan.  He has one brother, Harry Chevan and one sister, Julia Chevan. David is married to Julie Abels Chevan (July 20, 1986).  They have two sons, Jesse (b. 1990) and Noah (b. 1993).

Moved to Amherst, Massachusett at the age of five and lived there until he graduated high school.  Lived in Waltham, Massachusetts for three years and then moved back to Amherst where he lived until 1984.  Moved to Brooklyn, New York and lived there until 1993.  Currently resides in Hamden, Connecticut.  After trying several instruments began playing electric bass in Junior High.  Studied electric bass with Reed Butler.  Began playing upright bass in 1982.  Studied with Salvatore Macchia at the University of Massachusetts (1982- 1984). He took private instruction with Victor Gaskin (1983-1986); Jon Deak, Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music (1984-86); and Lisle Atkinson (1986-88). Also, Milt Hinton gave him several lessons on slapping the bass (1987).

The Art of the Trio (2000); Rex Cadwallader and David Chevan: Repartee (1999); David Chevan and Warren Byrd: Avadim Hayinu (1998), Let us Break Bread Together (2000), This is the Afro-Semitic Experience (2002)

As sideperson:
Michael Branden: Wintertide; Bassology: The Feeling I Get (1998); Ron Braggs with Bassology: Imagination (1999);

Unissued Recordings:
Many unreleased studio sessions and recorded live performances, including
performances with Frank London, Anthony Coleman, Ellery Eskelin, Jaki Byard,
Andrea Parkins, and Jesse Hameen II.

Weekend edition did a story about Warren Byrd and Chevan that can be heard on the NPR web site www.npr.org

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Contact information:
David Chevan
PO Box 6183
Whitneyville, CT 06517
203-392-6630 (office phone number)

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