Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Chisa (Chisa Hidaka)

Chisa [Chisa Hidaka], singer, lyricist; b. Sasebo, Japan, 25 June 1965. Chisa's parents are Kiyoko Hidaka, who currently lives in NYC, and Yoshiki Hidaka, who splits time between Washington D.C. and Tokyo, Japan where he is an independent TV journalist. Her sisters Mami and Masaki live in the US. Chisa grew up in Tokyo, and moved to NYC, NY as a pre-teen. Majored in Dance at Barnard College and started collaborating with partner Pat Cahill on dance/music projects before starting STUCK. Pat's parents, Shaela and Gerald Cahill live in Avon, CT. Her sisters Shaela Saxon and Erica Davidson live in the US. Chisa has studied voice and vocal improvisation with Kirk Nurock, Jay Clayton, Judi Silvano, Dori Levine, Judy Neimack, Janet Lawson and Jeannie Lovetri.

She works with the group STUCK. The other members are Pat Cahill, composer, Chapman Stickist, also plays trumpet, born July 19, 1961 and raised in Simsbury, CT. Completely self-taught on the Chapman Stick. Has composed for modern dance choreographer Frey Faust, and others. Was previously the singer/bassist for Electrik Dik, a performance art group in NYC.; Alexandre Fortuit, drummer/percussionist, born February 12, 1980 and raised in Paris, France. Has studied at the Drummer's Collective from 2000-2002 with Ian Frohmann and Matt Garrison. Plays with a collaborative group OLIO in addition to playing and recording with STUCK, and Matt Pavolka, bass/trombone, born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana where he studied trombone with David Baker. Graduated from Berklee School of Music in 1994 where he studied bass and was the recipient of the best performance award on that instrument. In NYC since then, Pavolka has performed and/or recorded with Kurt Rosenwinkel, Tony Malaby, Seamus Blake, Ben Monder, Chris Cheek, and Yusuke Yamamoto, among others. He composes for and plays in Akiko Pavolka's House of Illusion.

We're STUCK (2002)

Live review and interview with Pat Cahill at:  http://www.outsider.theimperialorgy.com/featureframe.html
(and choose "STUCK" from the menu)

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