Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Ciampa, Jeff

Ciampa, Jeff, guitarist, composer, arranger, engineer and educator; b. Huntingdon, PA, 19 May 1951 to Joseph and Florence Ciampa. Florence played piano as a child, but aside from that, there is no one in the immediate family involved in music. Jeff has a brother, Robert Alan Ciampa.

Jeff started trumpet at the age of seven under the tutelage of Herbert Williams, and later, Ted Yoder. At the age of 12, the guitar became a steady passion, and eventually phased out the trumpet. After playing for six or seven years by "ear", formal lessons began with guitar instructor, Edward Mcguire, Altoona. PA. At the same time, Jeff was attending Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA, as a pre-med student. Two years into the curriculum, he switched to an all music program, focusing on conservatory type training with Ruth Linton and Bruce Hirsch.

On December 16, 1972, Jeff married Patricia E. Hoffman of Huntingdon, PA. Six months later, they moved to Boston, MA, where Jeff attended Berklee College of Music. He spent two years at Berklee, studying arranging and composition and guitar with Jim Frecyk and Pat Metheny. After Berklee, Jeff worked around Boston and began studying with improvisation guru Charlie Banacos. On November 5, 1978, they gave birth to a son, Robert Anthony Ciampa.
In 1979, the family moved to Brooklyn, NY. Jeff began working with vibist Dwight Gassaway, where he got the first real taste of working as a jazz musician. Jeff began a one-year intensive study with guitar great Billy Bauer, while taking any work that was involved with music and guitar. Jeff later began classical guitar studies with William Matthews, with whom he spent one year. On September 10, 1981, they gave birth to a daughter, Kyra Beth Ciampa. They later moved to Queens and lived there from 1981 to 1986. In October 1986, they moved to their present home in Warwick, NY.
In addition to recording and performing, Jeff is an accomplished writer and has collaborated with Luiz Bonfa and the late Hazel Sherbill on the Score for the musical Carioca.  Jeff underscored the Director's Company production of Brilliant Traces in New York City.

Jeff operates his own recording studio, Natushabi Music in Warwick, New York where he has arranged, produced and recorded numerous projects.

Signs of Life (1997); House of Mirrors (2001)

As sideperson:
Mark Egan: Freedom Town; Daytrippers (soundtrack); Al MacDowell: Time Peace and Messiah; Criminal Justice (soundtrack for HBO movie); Shadow of a Doubt (soundtrack for NBC movie); Terry Silverlight: Let There Be Silverlight (1997); Kenia: Project Ivan Lins;

2001 Grammy nomination for Bill Evans Soul Insider (assistant engineer)

2002 Newport Jazz Festival; 2002 St. Lucia Jazz Festival; 2002 St. Kitts Jazz Festival; 1999 JVC Jazz Festival NYC; Dave Matthews & The Super Latin Jazz Orchestra 1999 Japan Tour; Harry Belafonte TV Special for CBC; Has made worldwide appearances at major festivals and jazz clubs with the following musicians: Elements / Mark Egan & Danny Gottleib, Dave Matthews, Bill Evans, Lew Soloff, Jan Ira Bloom, Harvie Swartz, Houston Person, Roy Hargrove, Al MacDowell, Harry Belafonte, Ornette Coleman, Jon Lucien, Pete Levin, Letta Mbulu, Kenia, Matthew Garrison, Terry Silverlight, Jon Werking, Cafe

Teaching experience:
Has taught private guitar studies and ensemble studies as well as theory, composition, arranging and song-writing at the following institutions: Drummer's Collective, Inc. / DCI Video; Jazz Heritage Society;       New York School for Commercial Music; Xaverian Catholic High School; Village College in Warwick, New York. Currently teaches privately

Contact information:
Jeff Ciampa
Natushabi Music
171 Kings Highway
Warwick, NY 10990
phone (845) 986-9145
fax: (845) 986-0320
email: jjciampa@optonline.net

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