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Ciolli, Massimo "mc2"

Guitarist, born in Florence, Italy, 25 December 1958. His father was Giorgio Ciolli and his mother Wanda Molinari.

In the mid-seventies he got a folk guitar as a gift, and he began studying guitar and harmony towards the end of that decade (particularly in 1978-79 he studied instrumental technique with guitarist Robert Saunders from Seattle (USA) and in 1979-82 he attended the lessons held by Marco Lamioni).

Forming himself at the Bruno Tommaso's school, during the seminars organized in Florence and in Siena. In 1980 he followed lessons of Harmony at the Music Department of Bologna University. He also studied improvisation and composition with: Franco D'Andrea in Certaldo, John Painter at the "Research and Experimentation Music Teaching Center" in Fiesole in 1985. He took part in the National Classes of Jazz Music and achieved professional qualification as Music Performer.

During the eighties he extended his knowledge in the teaching field particularly regarding the theory and practice of improvisation, and he summed up some of his reflections and studies in a music exercises review entitled "Harmonic Tensions" (Florence, 1990). Since 1985 he has played and recorded, in Italy and in Europe, in groups with musicians such as Sandro Becucci Sestetto, Sandro Morini Quartetto (with Piero Borri), Massimo Ciolli Quartetto and Quintetto (with, among the others, Luca Flores, Nicola Vernuccio), Michael Rosen Quartet, Pocket Trio (with Antonio Licusati), Cronopios Quartet (together with Sergio Gistri, Stefano Bambini), N.e.e.m. (with, among the others, Edoardo Ricci, Francesco Donnini, Riccardo Lay).

The artists he has performed with in combos include Eric Boeren, Matthias Schubert, Bruno Tommaso, Bill Smith, as well as the Societá di Mutuo Solfeggio (with Renato Cordovani, Stefano Rapicavoli, Amedeo Ronga), Gianni Grisolia Quintetto Ben Temperato & Really the Blues (with Rudy Migliardi, Riccardo Tarlini), Tensioni Armoniche (with Biagio Coppa), Pan-Jazz Group (with among the others Paolo Corsi, Sandro Azzolini, Mirko Guerrini, Leonardo Pieri), Orchestra Giovanile Italiana Jazz (conducted by B. Tommaso and G. Gazzani), Pan-Space Group (Walter Paoli, Alessio Riccio), Barycentre (with Stefano Cantini), Trio Dimensionale, Repertorio Neutrino (with Stefano Negri, Jacopo Andreini), The Suonoramystic Brothers (with Simone Mauri), Kuanzik (with Tommaso Montagnani, Virginie Capizzi, Marina Mulopulus, Stefano Bambini), and others.

Contact information:


website: http://geocities.com/massimociolli

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