Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Cipelli, Roberto

Cipelli, Roberto, piano: b. Cremona, 6 August 1958. His father is Cipelli Rubens, born May 24, 1926 in Gazzuolo, MN. His mother Giuseppina Ballarini was born on February  13, 1930 in Guardamiglio, NI and died on September 28, 2002 in Cremona. Roberto studied with Franco D'Andrea (1979-1980).

Roberto Cipelli has studied privately the piano from the age of 11 years at the Conservatory "G.Verdi" of Milan. He discovered jazz music in 1975, founding the "Quartetto Jazz Cremona," with the guitar player Riccardo Bianchi. Frequented later the piano courses run by Franco D'Andrea at Parma and Siena.

In 1982 he met the trumpet player Paolo Fresu with which found a quintet that is active still today after sixteen years of intense activity both in Italy and in foreign countries, and is considered from the European criticism one of the most interesting jazz groups of the last generation.

He has collaborated and often collaborate with many among the most representative jazz musicians (Dave Liebman, Sheila Jordan, Tom Harrell, Steve Lacy, Jimmy Owens, Mark Dresser, Radu Malfatti, Bobby Watson, John Stowell, Erwin Vann, Martin Dietrich, Pierre Favre, Gianluigi Trovesi, Bruno Tommaso, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Mariapia De Vito) both in Italy and in foreign countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Austria, Jugoslavia, Canada, Australia, Africa, Brasil) often participating to radio and TV broadcasts.

He collaborates with dance groups and on theater and movies soundtracks as a musician and composer. He has experience in jazz teaching of piano, harmony and music ensemble in Nuoro, Milano, Bologna, Cremona. He has taught jazz piano in a seminary organized beside the Jazz Department of the Melbourne Conservatory of Music.

In 1996, he began teaching of Jazz at the Civic School of Music " Monteverdi" of Cremona. In 1997, he collaborated in the realization of the album "WANDERLUST" of the Paolo Fresu Quintet published from the French BMG.

Currently he plays also with the ESP trio with, to the rhythmic section, Attilio Zanchi and Gianni Cazzola. In the March of the '98 the group has held a long Italian tour with the singer Sheila Jordan.

Moona Moore (1988); Market Square (1994); Confluenze (1998); Cipelli Esptrio & Sheila Jordan: Jazz (1998); A Reason To Believe (1999)

As sideperson:
P. Fresu Quintet: Ostinato (1985); Fresu Quintet & D.Liebman: Inner Voices (1986); Attilio Zanchi: Early Spring (1986); Fresu Quintet: Mamut (1986), Live In Montpellier (1988), Quarto (1988); Vari: Top Jazz From Italy (1988); Fresu   Quintet: Live In Lugano (1989); F.Turchetti: Foto Di Gruppo (1989); Fresu Quintet: Ossi Di Seppia (1991); Minguell-Fresu: Majakovskij (1991); Fresu   Quintet: Ballads (1991), Night On The City (1994); Vari: Onyx Jazz Club 85/95 (1994); Fresu Sextet: Ensalada Mistica (1994); F.  Turchetti: Francis Drake (1994); Vari Per Fossati: I Disertori (1994); Vari: Jazz Sampler - The Blue Note 1995 (1995); Orchestra Utopia: 6 X 30 (1996); Free Flow: Free Flow (1996); Vari: Italian Jazz Today (1996); Fresu Sextet: Wanderlust (1997); Ornella Vanoni: Argilla (1997); Tiziana Ghiglioni: My Essential Duke (1998); Tiziana Ghiglioni: Songbook-Iseo Jazz 97 (1998); Vari: A Fleur De Jazz Festival Vol. 4 (1998); Vari: Franco Mussida Musicworld :  Jazz  Cd-Rom  (1998); Sheila Jordan Quartet: Sheila's Back in Town (1999); Fabio  Turchetti: Famiglia  Turchetti (1999); Paolo Fresu: Berchidda - The Italian Years (1999); Paolo Fresu: Melos (2000)

Works by Cipelli
The first 63 compositions by artists recording for Splasch: Splasch
Course of Education to the Musical Ear" vol.1/2: Carisch

Contact information:
website : www.robertocipelli.it

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