Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Cohen, Jim (James Arthur)

Cohen, Jim (James Arthur), pedal steel guitarist; b. New York, NY, 6 November 1952.  Raised on Long Island, NY, then moved to St. Louis, MO in 1970 where he attended Washington University and was introduced to steel guitar by DeWitt (Scotty) Scott, who became his first teacher of the instrument.  Subsequently studied with notable steel guitar artists Buddy Emmons, Jeff Newman, Paul Franklin, Winnie Winston, Maurice Anderson, Bobby Black, and others. 

Now a resident of the Philadelphia, PA area, he has studied jazz with Curtis Harmon at Temple University, as well as with guitarist Steve Giordano, and vibraphonist Eric Niemeyer.  He founded (1995) and currently leads the Philadelphia-based swing/jazz group, Beats Walkin', which performs regularly around the Philadelphia metro area and which frequently appears live on WXPN Radio.  The group has performed at the prestigious Philadelphia Folk Festival, Mann Music Center (with Trout Fishing in America) as well as at numerous other regional music festivals. 

Jim is also much in demand as a solo artist, appearing throughout the USA and Europe, at steel guitar conventions and other shows (www.jimcohen.com).  Most notably, he was invited in 2002 to perform at the largest and most respected steel guitar show worldwide, the International Steel Guitar Convention, held each year in St. Louis and organized by DeWitt Scott (his first teacher). 

Recordings and broadcasts:
Beats Walkin': Western Omelette (1997), Bop-a-billy Swing! (2002); Finally Here (2001); Live radio performances on WXPN-FM (Univ. of Pennsylvania) and WHYY-FM;
Numerous radio interviews across the U.S. and in Netherlands

Contact information:

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