Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Colen, Ad

Colen, Ad, tenor, soprano and baritone saxophone; b. Geleen, Holland, 12 July 1961. His parents are Willie Colen and Catharina van Bilsen and he has a son Camiel of 8 months old. He studied with Adrie van Velzen, Albert Beltman,Ferdinand Povel and Dick Oats at the conservatory of Hilversum where he got his degree in 1990.

In his formative years he played a variety of instruments, concentrating on the guitar for several years, before discovering his everlasting love: the saxophone. In 1990 he graduated from the Hilversum Conservatorium as a jazz musician, under the tuition of Adri van Velzen, Albert Beltman and Ferdinand Povel. His talent was already in demand in the professional arena - a year earlier, he performed in "Zeldzaam," the pop musical written and directed by Jurre Haanstra. Later on he went to New York to study with Dick Oatts.

It was Colen's versatility that attracted attention. Modern jazz, Big Band, funk, rock and Afro Caribbean music have all passed through his repertoire. He has toured the United States, Morocco, Austria, Finland, Sweden and Greece with the Afro Caribbean group "P.I. Man et Memre Buku." He has played with "New Metronome Big Band," and the "Ruud Bos Big Band." With the "Schoenmaker/Colen Quintet" he has explored the Dutch and Belgian jazz scene.

At the Jazz Studio in Antwerp he teaches Ensemble techniques and eartraining and, naturally, the saxophone. His quartet toured Indonesia in March 2003. His composition Toost the Most was nominated by the 27th Concours International de Composition de Themes de Jazz (Academie de Musique Prince Rainier III in Monaco).

Some other projects where Colen plays are "Aliens" a dance/jazzproject with DJ Kipsky, NiOa Morena; music that Tet Koffeman and Thijs Borsten composed on poets of Pablo Neruda; the Ge Bijvoet; the Ad Colen duo; The Carla Bley Project of Jan van de Boomen, VoodooJive (formerly Sefuba) a mix of african and dancemusic; an international (German and Dutch) jazzoctet called Interzone of composer and arranger Jean Paul Steeghs; and the Lydia van dam group and the Standard Trio of bassist jasper Somsen.

Naked (1997); Eyes Wide Open (2000)

As sideperson:
Time design Hands & Hearts (1992); Metronoom Big Band (1993); Lex van Wel orchestra (1994); Ann Thomas: Secret Dreams (1999); Jan van de Boomen: The Carla Bley Project (2002)

Radio braodcasts:
Numerous broadcasts on Dutch Radio programs such as, VPRO Jazzop Vier, De Concertzender

De Limburger: Intervie

Contact information:
email: ad.colen@wanadoo.nl
website: www.adcolen.com
tel. 031(0)30 2 44 75 46
Egelantierstraat 32
3551 GD Utrecht
The Netherlands

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