Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Cook, Henry (Marble)

Cook, Henry (Marble), alto and bari saxophones, flute, alto flute, bass flute; b. Rome, Italy, 15 December 1958. He's the son of sculptor Robert H. Cook (born 1921) and writer Joan Marble (born 1920). He has a sister, Jenny (born 1951). He grew up in Italy, and moved to Boston, Massachusetts, USA at 17 to attend Boston University. He studied liberal arts with a major in music. He studied flute with James Pappoutsakis & Fenwick Smith (Boston Symphony Orchestra). Graduated from BU in 1980. He attended Berklee College of Music in 1983-84, studied Jazz and Film Scoring. He studied saxophone with Andy McGhee and Joe Viola at Berklee. After Berklee, he studied music with Billy Skinner and Salim Washington.
He played in Billy Skinner's Double Jazz Quartet (Billy Skinner-tpt, Salim Washington-Tenor sax-flt, Henry Cook-alto- bari-flt, Bobby Ward-drums, Ichi Takata-bass) from 1985-91.

Formed the Henry Cook Band with Bobby Ward in 1991 (Cecil Brooks-Tpt-flg, Jacques Chanier-pno, Bobby Ward-drums, Brian McCree-Bass). He played baritone sax and flutes with Salim Washington's Roxbury Blues Aesthetic from 1996 to present. He played alto sax and flute with Jorge Arce's Humano from 1998-2001. He plays baritone sax and flutes with the Either/Orchestra from 2002 to present.
He toured Northern Ireland and England with Billy Skinner in 1989-1990. He was a featured soloist at the Cork Jazz Festival in Ireland in 1994. He toured with Henry Cook Band in Mexico in 1998-99. He toured the USA with Either/Orchestra in 2002.

As leader:
Dimensional Odyssey (1995); Live at Montreux Detroit (1999); Numerous live recordings on WGBH radio from 1995-2002, archived by WGBH
As sideperson:
Billy Skinner DJQ: Kosen Rufu (1990); Salim Washington's Roxbury Blues Aesthetic: Love in Exile (1997); Numerous live recordings with Billy Skinner and Salim Washington on WGBH radio from 1995-2002, archived by WGBH

Television broadcasts:
Produced a television show, "Jazz TV", on BNN-Boston featuring local musicians from 1995-1997

Dimensional Odyssey won Best Indie Jazz Album at the Boston Music Awards

Contact information:
Henry Cook
79 Saint Rose St.
Boston, MA 02130 USA

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