Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Cugny, Laurent

Cugny, Laurent, composer, pianist-keyboardist, author; b. La Garenne-Colombes, France, 14 April 1955. In 1965  he began studying piano. In 1977 he earned a degree in economics (Paris X-Nanterre) and in 1978 a D.E.A. in cinematography (Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne). He soon became a major figure in French jazz with in 1979  his creation of the Lumiere big band and in 1987  his collaborations with Gil  Evans (concerts and recordings). From 1994-1997    he was musical director of the Orchestre National de Jazz. He spoke in 1996 at the 2nd Miles Davis Conference in Saint Louis, and in 1997 at the Miles Davis Conference at the University of  Padua, Italy. He has also spoken at IRCAM (Paris). In 1999 he created  the official Gil Evans website (www.gilevans.org) and in 2000 he created the site La Maison du jazz (www.maisondujazz.org). In 2001 he completed a Doctorate of music history and musicology (Paris IV-Sorbonne), writing a dissertation on the analysis of jazz.

Lumiere (1981); Eaux-fortes (1984); Gil Evans-Laurent Cugny Big Band Lumiere: Rhythm-A-Ning (1988), Golden Hair (1989), The Complete Recordings (1989); Santander (1991); Dromesko (1993); Yesternow (1994); Reminiscing (1995); In Tempo (1995); Merci, Merci, Merci (1996); A Personal Landscape (2001)

"Beyond Cool", Lucky Peterson (1993); "Scampi Fritti", Marc Beacco (1994); "A Turtle's Dream", Abbey Lincoln (1995); "Je regle mon pas sur le pas de mon pere", musique originale du film (1999); "L'instant d'apres", David Linx (2000); "Les oiseaux de passage", Juliette ; "It's Me", Abbey Lincoln (2003).

1977-1978: Director: Analytique : un meurtre (short footage, 16 mm, Perspectives du cinema franssais, Cannes 1978); Exit (short footage 35 mm) ;
1978-1979 : Articles in Cinematographe ;
1992 : Music: 23h58 (director: Pierre-William Glenn).

"Jazz  a  Paris",  Gil Evans - Laurent Cugny - Big Band Lumiere  (1988) ; "Gerry Mulligan", coll. Jazz portraits, realisation Robert Mugnerot ; "Laurent Cugny : l'homme orchestre", realisation Emmanuel Rudowski (1999)

Bibliography (in French):
"Las  Vegas  Tango / Une vie de Gil Evans" (coll. Birdland, P.O.L. editeur, Paris, 1989) traduit en japonais en 1996.
"Electrique / Miles  Davis, 1968-1975"  (coll. Birdland, Andre Dimanche editeur, Paris, 1993).
Frederic Goaty: Laurent Cugny ou le Big Band accidentel, in: Jazz Magazine (Nov.1991)
Romain Grosman & Philippe Richard: Laurent Cugny, in: Jazz Hot (May 1995)
Frederic Goaty: Laurent Cugny, in: Jazz Magazine (Jun.1996)
Xavier Prevost: ONJ. Cinq chefs ' table, in: Jazz Magazine (Jul/Aug.1996) (interview with Cugny and others)
JoIl Noemaurane: Laurent Cugny, in: Jazz Magazine (Jun.1997)

1989 "Las Vegas Tango - Une vie de Gil Evans" (Editions P.O.L.) translated in japanese in 1996.
1993 "Electrique - Miles Davis 1968-1975" (ed. Andre Dimanche).
1978-1997 Articles for Cinematographe, Jazz Magazine, Jazzman, Telerama, Les Cahiers du Jazz, Le Jazz, La Revue d'Analyse Musicale, revue La Mazarine...

"Golden Django " for the best french band to the Orchestre National de Jazz Laurent Cugny   (1997)
"Reminiscing" among the 10 best jazz albums of the year (Jazzman magazine - 1996) "Jazzman" (1996)
 "Prix Boris Vian" to the album "Reminiscing" (Academie du jazz - 1996)
 Academie Charles-Cros Prize to the album "Santander" (1991)
 Django Reinhardt Prize (Academie du Jazz - 1989)
 "Golden Django" to the book "Electrique, Miles Davis 1968-1975"
 "Charles Delaunay Prize" to the book "Electrique, Miles Davis 1968-1975" (Academie du jazz - 1993)
 "Charles Delaunay Prize" to the book "Las Vegas Tango - Une Vie de Gil Evans" (Academie du   jazz - 1991)

Contact information:
bio: http://www.assocontinuum.com/musiciens/cugny.htm

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