Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Cutler, Stew (Stewart)

Cutler, Stew (Stewart), guitar, harmonica; b. New York, NY, 17 November 1955. He is married to Maryjean, with whom he has two children, David and Susannah. He also has a brother.

Born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx, Cutler is a self-taught guitar player. He began playing jazz in Buffalo, NY where he did most of his learning from another guitar player,  James Clark, who he was lucky enough to play behind. James came up with George Benson.  Also in that time period, he was playing with Bobby Previte and Eliot Sharp, but the most important member of that clique was a bass player/inventor named Peter Piccirilli who now probably rarely plays.  Cutler moved back to New York in the early 80s and began playing with Wayne Horvitz as well as Harvey Brooks. He played in the group, The President, and has toured with soul and blues artists such as Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett, James Montgomery and Eddie Floyd.

Trio Music; Insignia
As sideperson:
Wayne Horvitz: Miracle Mile; Bobby Previte: Latin for Travelers; New York Composers Orchestra; Robin Holcomb: Rockabye; Fontella Bass: No Ways Tired; Phillip Johnston: music for the film Normalology (by the Anachronistic Octet.)

Contact information:
212 473 4550
cell 917 626 4630

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