Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Dannerbauer, Franz (Xaver)

Dannerbauer, Franz (Xaver), composer, bass plaer; b. Koeckersried, Bavaria, Germany, 4 July 1952. At age 3, he moved to Ismaning, close to Munich, Bavaria, Germany. His father, Franz Xaver Dannerbauer, was born Oct 25, 1931 in Regen, Bavaria, Germany. His mother, Maria Dannerbauer (birth name Plenk), was born Jan. 08, 1931 in Koeckersried, Bavaria, Germany. Franz was married from 1975-1985 to Petra Dannerbauer (birth name Schammer). He had a relationship to Barbara Winhart from 1986-1989. The have a son named Valentin Julian Winhart, born Oct. 29, 1988. He has had a relationship to the painter (artist) Ingrid Maier since 2000. He is living with her in Munich since 2003.

He studied at the Jazz School in Munich, Germany (1977-1980). There, Joe Haider taught him harmony, rhythmics and improvisation and Garry Todd taught bass. After 1980, he received private education by Garry Todd and Goetz Tangerding (piano).

His parents moved to a suburb of Munich when he was two years of age. Being 13 years old he concentrated on rock music, now his hobby. His parents were not appreciative concerning his music. He still continued to play bass and his idol was Jimi Hendrix. He had appearances in various rock-clubs and festivals. Finished serving his apprentice-ship as a merchant he left his parents home with 17. He still feels attached to the spirit of the Hippy-time.
He started to play Jazz after a very impressing visit to a concert of the bass-player and composer Charles Mingus. After this crucial experience, he went to the School of Jazz, to the pianist Joe Haider in Munich and switched from electric bass to double-bass.

He founded the Jazz-group "Music Liberation Unit" (MLU) in 1980, whose pieces he composed and he, as the bass-player, manages. The name MLU means to him liberating the music from saying nothing and also a workout of personal conflicts.

In 1982 F.D. received an honor from the Munich Magazine "tz" for special cultural achievements. In 1985 F.D. moved to a farmhouse in Oberbayern, a part of Bavaria, to be able to compose without being disturbed.

Beginning 2003 he moved to Munich.

Love Go (1983); The Segregated Way (1985); Suspense (1993); Cross in the Darkness (1995); Live Birdland (1998)

Melodien der Berge (2000)

Contact information:
Franz Dannerbauer
D-81545 Mnchen
Tel.: 0049/89/69395749
Internet: www.mlu-records.de

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