Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Darcyl, Ondine (Ondine Sorstayn Darcyl)

Darcyl, Ondine (Ondine Sorstayn Darcyl), singer, songwriter ; Born in Buenos Aires in April 25,1962. Her grandfather in Argentina, Rabbi Mendel Fischman, is known in Latin American rabinnical cirles for his writings on the Kaballah. Her father Leon Sorstayn (1921-1992) was a French Jew and escaped from Nazi occupied Paris in 1945. He added the name Darcyl in memory of two friends who died in the Holocaust, Dardin and Sylvestre. Her mother, a Rumanian Jew, was born Dina Fischman in 1921, and her siblings are Tomas (b. 1964) and Sebastian (b. 1967).

Her artistic sensibility was influenced by visits to Rio de Janeiro. Growing up in Buenos Aires, she sang Jobim tunes and standards since early childhood. She had piano and guitar lessons from 9 years old. She moved to the United States to study law and earned a BA from Clark University in Worcester, MA in 1984 (Comparative literature), then a JD from Suffolk Law School 1988. Studied voice at the New School with Jill Seifers. 1997-2000. Then privately with Sheila Jordan and Jay Clayton 2000-present. She has also studied with Mark Murphy and Rhiannon. Studied percussion with Brazilian master Cafe.

She performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland and in Spanish Jazz festivals of Boadilla del Monte and Fuenlabrada as featured guest of the Miles Griffith quartet.  She also sang live at Radio West (The Hague radio station) during the North Sea and held a successful press conference where she performed a capella with vocalist Miles Griffith. She recently toured Europe and Argentina and played in venues in Colorado and New York. In 2002, Darcyl, performed for music journalists worldwide with great acceptance at a MIDEM (Cannes, France)press conference. She has played with Ron Affif, Valtinho, Mauro Refosco, Sergio Brandao, and Freddie Bryant; multi- instrumentalist Hernan Romero plays on her debut CD. She is currently co-writing music with Kristo Numpuby (musician from Cameroun living in Paris), with New York based Pianist Raymon Angry, and with Hernan Romero. She sings in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

She also practices some music law in New York City. She's also a visual artist, and her abstract collage won first prize at the annual art show 2000 at the City Bar Association.

Ondine Darcyl (2000); Happy Birthday (2003; songs for children); (as yet untitled) (2005)

Broadcasts and Unissued Audio:
Live radio performances in Buenos Aires (Radio Nacional) 2001, Spain 2001, the Hague 2001, Cannes at MIDEM for Radio France International 2002.
About 25 hours of private mini disk recordings of live shows in NYC, Paris, Spain and Buenos Aires (2001-2003).
Many radio interviews, radio jazz copenhagen, radio nacional, buenos aires, radio france international, paris , cannes, Colorado, etc.

Eric Jerome Dickey writes two paragraphs about her CD in his
best seller Between Lovers (2001)
Leslie Gourse, Louis' Children: American Jazz Singers (2001)
Fem Music Magazine 2002: http://www.femmusic.com/interviews2002/darcyl.htm
National Law Journal(2000)

Contact information:
Email ondine@ondinedarcyl.com

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