Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Derix, Egbert (Theodoor Herman Derix)

Derix, Egbert [Theodoor Herman Derix], pianist, composer, teacher, songwriter; b. Horst, The Netherlands, 16 April 1969. His mother is Gertruda Spreeuwenberg (Melderslo, The Netherlands, b. 1933) and his father is Jan Derix (Horst, The Netherlands, b. 1939). His brothers are Govert Derix (b. 1962) and Richard Derix (b. 1964).  Egbert lives with Jacqueline Fijnaut (Brunssum, The Netherlands, b. 1966) and they have a son, Ludi Derix (b. 2002).

He attended the music school in Horst, The Netherlands (1984-1988) where he studied piano with Tino Snijtsheuvel and he attended the music school in Venlo, The Netherlands (1985-1988) where he studied music theory with Gerard Franck.

After that he went to the Maastricht Conservatory in The Netherlands (1989-1995) where he studied jazz piano with Irvin Rochlin, Frank Giebels and Erik Doelman and theory with Charles Hendrix, Luc Jacobs, and Jan Nobbe. He also studied classical piano with Louise Wolfs. He received his diploma for Teaching, as well as Jazz performance, both Cum Laude in 1995.During that time he also took private lessons with David Berkman, in New York, and Michel Bisceglia, in Genk (Belgium).

In 1990 he played the Jazz Mecca Festival in Maastricht (The Netherlands) with a student combo from the Maastricht Conservatory. In 1991 he played the Jazz Mecca Festival in Maastricht with his trio (with bassist Norbert Leurs and drummer Eric Derix). The trio played music by Michel Camilo, Steps Ahead, Joe Sample, Chick Corea, and some originals. In 1995, he started the Searing Quartet, of which he still is the leader, composer and pianist. The first Searing Quartet members were: Peter Hermesdorf (saxes), Jurgen Junggeburth, from Germany (doublebass), and Geert Roelofs (drums). In 1995 they played the final of the Dutch Conservatory Award in Amsterdam.The same year bassist Willem van Dijk replaced Junggeburth and they played a concert for the Dutch rdaioshow Jazz op Vier, hosted by Aad Bos.

In 1996 Egbert started working as a piano teacher at the music school in Heerlen, The Netherlands. He still teaches there. In 1997 the Searing Quartet received the Publieksprijs at the International Jazz Concours in Breda. In 1998 Werner Lauscher became the new bass player of the Searing Quartet and in 1999 they recorded their first cd called Aquamagia, which was recorded in Hoevenen, in Belgium, and produced by Christoph Erbstoesser. From 1999 until 2000 Egbert taught piano at Jazzdepartment of the Maaastricht Conservatory.

In 2000 he took private lessons with pianist/composer Steve Kuhn in New York. In 2000 Egbert received a composition prize at De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam. His composition Tijdopname (on a poem by C.O. Jellema) was performed by singer Trijntje Oosterhuis and the trio of pianist Polo de Haas. In 2000, 2001, and 2002 Egbert played duo concerts with pianist Glenn Corneille. Lauscher was followed by bass player Jo Didderen in 2000 and drummer Sjoerd Rutten replaced Geert Roelofs in 2001 in the Searing Quartet. In 2001 they played the final of the Dutch Jazz Competition in The Hague, at the eve of the North Sea Jazz Festival.

In 2001-2002, Egbert played the theatres in The Netherlands with a show called Lennon & McCartney, with singers Han van Eijk, Lisa Boray, Lydia van Dam, and Herman van Doorn and a liveband with Danny Sahupala (drums), Lene te Voortwis and Boudewijn Groenehuizen (bass), Hubert Heringa (Ewi and violin), Leendert Haaksma, Arnord van Dongen en Martijn van Agt/Madigan (Guitars). Pianist Glenn Corneille wrote the arrangements for the show.

In 2001 Egbert received an Honor Award from the Great American Songcontest for his composition Exit Ego, played by the Searing Quartet. In 2001 the Corneille/Roelofs Trio plays some of his compositions at the North Sea Jazz Festival and also record some of his tunes. In 2002,Egbert played the festival with sax player (and Searing Quartet member) Peter Hermesdorf. In 2002 Norbert Leurs becomes the new bass player of the Searing Quartet.

From 1995 until 2001 Egbert played in a band called Digna, with singer Digna Janssen. In 2002 he was invited to contribute a composition to the project Holland in Jazz, a project led by trumpetplayer Loet van der Lee which will have its premiere at the BIM-huis in Amsterdam March 2003, composers Henk Meutgeert (director of The Jazz Orchestra of The ConcertGebouw) and Martin Fondse a.o. also contribute a.o. to the project. The same year arranger Jerry van Rooyen, who worked with the WDR-big band in Germany and the Dutch Jazzz Orchestra a.o., arranged Egbert's composition "She Isn't Like You," for big band.

In 2002 he also wrote the music for a children's theatre program which was performed in Tegelen, The Netherlands. The same year he composed two pieces (Is This Weekday? & My First Second Opinion) for classical pianist Marcel Worms from Amsterdam.

Aquamagia n Searing Quartet (1999); Digna n Digna (2001); Finally n Corneille/Roelofs Trio (2001)

Publicprize at International Jazz Concours Breda (1997)
Jury and publicprize at International Jazz Concours Breda (1998)
Rode Hoed Compositieprijs Amsterdam (2000)
Honor Award American Songcontest (2001)
Finalist Dutch Jazz Competition (2001)
Jerry van Rooyen Award (2001)
Prize for Best Original Composition at North Sea Jazz Festival (2002)

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