Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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DiGregorio, Anthony Christopher (Tony)

DiGregorio, Anthony Christopher (Tony), guitarist, composer; b. Brooklyn, New  York, 1 June 1958. He was raised in Brooklyn and Queens. His father, is Vincent DiGregorio, a baker, and his mother is Ermina Piazza. His brothers are Michael Vincent, Benjamin an actor, Vincent, and Raymond, an artist. He began playing guitar at age 10. Primarily self-taught except for brief lessons in local music store in Woodhaven, Queens. First influenced by his uncle, Oscar DiGregorio a great guitarist. Then influenced by Eddie Lang, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian and Andres Segovia. Received BA in 1983 from Queens College, C.U.N.Y. just as the music department was being renamed "The Aaron Copland School of Music".

In 1982 wrote and performed incidental music for experimental theater pieces "Satoba Komatchi" (w/Robert Rossette, Flute), "Journey Into The Night" (w/Gerard Zanzonico, Bass) and "The Lady Aoi"(w/Bryant DuPre, Bass Sax). Also wrote (but did not perform) the music for a theatrical adaptation of Jean Paul Sarte's "The Room". Adaptation was by Ben DiGregorio who also performed in these pieces.
As an original member of the Swing Now Trio from 1985 - 1994, performed and/or  recorded with Bobby Watson, Teddy Charles, Max Kaminsky, Chuck Wayne, Frank Wess, Urbie Green, Gene Bertoncini and many others. Also performed with the following dancers as a part of the Swing Now Trio: Frankie manning, Chuck Green, Cookie Cook, Margaret Batiuchok and others.Performed as a sideman with Laurel Watson, Marco Katz, John Rasczka, Virginia Mayhew.

He has been leading his own bands in and around New York since 1994. Some of his sidemen have been, Ken Filiano, John Thomas, Chahiro Matsimoto, Hill Greene, Mary Ann McSweeney, Nicki Parrot, Theo Wilson and many others. He currently works monthly at The Delta Grill in New York City with vibraphonist, Keith Dorgan.

He's studied Harmony, Counterpoint, Solfeggio and Composition with Paul Caputo 1994 - Present and Classical Guitar with Dennis Cinelli 2002 - present

Was Ist Los Liebe (1994)

Wrote and performed the score to the film "The Caprice" in 1999.
My current bio: Di Marco,Marco, pianist, composer-b.Bologna(Italy), June 21,1940 (town where I still live and work )

He studied classical music in his youth with Enrichetta Sansilvestri, and in his late teens he studied harmony and composition with the eminent maestro Giordano Noferini.
In November 1970  he recorded his first album in Paris, "Un Autunno a Parigi", with Jacky Samson on bass and Charles Saudrais on drums. His second LP "At the Living Room" was recorded three years later, also in Paris, in trio with Samson and Saudrais.
During those years his fame spread rapidly throughout Europe; Di Marco performed on French and Italian radio and television stations, and participated in many important international jazz festivals.
In 1974 he recorded, again in Paris, a new album called "Together in Paris" in sextet with the celebrated American alto sax and flute player Chris Woods. His solo piano live recording "In Concert" followed in 1976:
Di Marco has recorded numerous records as a solo artist and together with many renowned musicians, all of which have been received entusiastically by journalists and critics.
During 1977 and 1978 Marco Di Marco performed on Italian and French television, sometimes solo but also with French pianist Martial Solal, and as part of a trio or quartet together with Chris Woods.
In 1979, during an Italian tour together with American pianist and composer Jack Reilly, he recorded live the album "Marco Di Marco/Jack Reilly".
In 1981, Marco Di Marco made his debut in the United States.
He performed in New York at the Jazz Forum on Broadway, at Cami Hall, at Gulliver's Club, and he also played an unforgettable solo piano recital at Carnegie Hall. "Marco Di Marco quartet in New York" was recorded during that same period in New York in collaboration with Dave Tofani, Jack Six and Ronnie Bedford.
In 1983 Marco Di Marco performed at many concerts (which were aired on Italian Television) in trio with Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and Philip Catherine. In 1985 he performed a part of a duo with American pianist Mike Melillo.
Also in 1985 his music was recorded for a Fonit Cetra production and compiled an LP called "Lucio Dalla/Marco Di Marco", a collaboration in quartet with Lucio Dalla, Jacky Samson and Charles Saudrais.
This success lead to another Fonit Cetra production the following year. For which he recorded in Paris the album "Suite Parisienne" in trio with Jacky Samson and Charles Saudrais. This work contains Di Marco's compositions as well as a large part of his recordings.
In March 1989 he recorded live in concert with the pianist George Arvanitas  and Mike Melillo the compact disc "One Night for 3 pianos".
In October 1993, following a tour in the Usa, Di Marco recorded in New York his tenth album "Marco Di  Marco trio in New York / SEMPRE" ; featuring Harvie Swartz on basso and Ron Vincent on drums, the record revealed to be a landmark in Di Marco's career: during that same period he received the 1993 Award of Excellence for his outstanding contribution to society through his compositions and performances.
The album "Best & Unreleased" containing his biggest hits, was produced immediately afterwards, featuring Chris Woods.
In November 1998, Marco Di Marco recorded his twelfth album, once again in New York, which he entitled "Marco Di Marco in New York /MY POETRY" (quartet & quintet). This time the album was recorded together with his American musician friends Harvie Swartz, Ron Vincent, Adam Kolker and Memo Acevedo.
In September 2003 Marco Di Marco performed at some concerts in Paris and a month later, in October 2003, he recorded his new album in London, produced by Arision Recordings Ltd, titled: "Marco Di Marco / My London friends" (quartet & quintet) with his group featuring the tenor & soprano sax,flute player Nathan Haines, and with Andy Hamill and Robin Mullarkey , bass, Eduardo Marquez, drums, Pete Eckford, percussion.

Un Autunno A Parigi 1970; At the Living Room 1973; Together in Paris 1974; In Concert 1976; Marco Di Marco/Jack Reilly 1979; Best & Unreleased (anthology plus unique material from 1980); Quartet in New York 1981; Marco Di Marco/Lucio Dalla 1986; Suite Parisienne 1987; One Night for Three Pianos (with Georges Arvanitas and Mike Melillo) (1989); Sempre (1993); My Poetry (1999); My London Friends (2004)

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