Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Ducommun, Craig

Ducommun, Craig, keyboard, composer, performer, producer; b. Vancouver, BC, 23 April 1965. Music has always been a big part of Craig's life, beginning with piano lessons at age seven. After seeing the movie The Sting in 1973, he was so impressed with the piano music of Scott Joplin featured in that film, he begged his parents, who are also musical, to take piano lessons. As the years went by Craig began to explore the more improvisational side of music. In 1983 he joined his first rock band NUIQ, and the decision was cast for a career in music. In 1986, along with Chris Springer, he formed the improvisational rock band Crazy Fingers, which quickly became a mainstay in the Vancouver music scene.

After a hiatus from the band, in which time Craig took the opportunity to travel through Southeast Asia, Chris and Craig formed a new band called The Harvesters. This band was also based in improvisational rock and was successful locally and also toured across Canada and down the West Coast as far as San Francisco. The Harvesters broke up in 1994 at which time Chris Springer moved to New Orleans. After some soul searching Craig joined his longtime collaborator and friend there.

Returning to Vancouver and taking some music theory courses at VCC he recorded a compilation of his and Springer's original music. In 1997 Chris and Craig again formed a group called G.W. Downe, although still lyrically based, it leaned more towards a jazz structure. In 1999, they formed The Springer /Ducommun Group, a wholly instrumental jazz based group. Craig continues to work with The Springer/Ducommun Group as well as doing recording session work for local artists and composing for modern dance and independent film.

The Springer/Ducommun Group: Germinal (1999), Opaque (1999), Two Weeks From Everywhere (2001)
As sideperson:
Gabriel and Voltaire: Secret Fire (1989), Amiraj (1991); Crazy Fingers: Crazy Fingers (1990); The Harvesters: The Edge Of Suitability (1992); Bocephus King: Joco Music (1997), A Small Good Thing (1998); Chris Springer: Lagniappe (1997), Ghosts (1998); Zubot and Dawson: Strang (1998); Sandy Scofield (1999); The Clumsy Lovers (1999); Zubotta (2000); Multimedia Dance Performance: Becoming Sophia (2000); Motion Picture Soundtrack: Nine Days Wonder (2001); Adrienne Pierce: Small Fires (2001); Jessica Farrel: Today (2001), The Void (2001); Tim Hughes (2002)

As producer:
Gabriel and Voltaire: Amiraj (1991); The Harvesters: The Edge Of Suitability  (1992); Compilation: That's It? That's All! That's Everything (1995)

Laughing Under Water (1998); The Mongolian Falcon (2001)

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