Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians

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Duncan, Benjamin (Ralph Benjamin Duncan)

Duncan, Benjamin [Ralph Benjamin Duncan], singer; b. Redwood City, CA, 9 March 1983. His father is Harvey Earnest Duncan, born June 12, 1947, Los Angeles, California. His mother is Sandra Lynn Duncan, born June 5, 1947, Chicago, Illinois. His siblings are Dayna Twigg: (January 28, 1967; Chicago, IL), Tanya Lynn James: (October 6, 1972; Redwood City, CA), Rachel Elizabeth Fromm: (November 25, 1974; Chicago, IL), Andrew William Duncan: (May 21, 1975; Redwood City, CA), Heather Marion Lake: (March 30, 1979; Redwood City, CA), a flute player, Rebecca Bethany Duncan: (October 15, 1984; Redwood City, CA), a flute player and Harvey Christopher Duncan: (February 5, 1987; Stockton, CA). He grew up in Mountain View, California for the first 3 years of three life then moved to his current residence Oakdale, California.He studied with Shelly Bort for one year, Annette Hutton for three years, Ron Quintanal for four years and Allen Boyer for one year.

He has been hearing-impaired as long as he can remember. He admits his first love had been sports during his childhood but later turned to singing when he was about 12 or 13. His work with vocal groups in his local community of Oakdale and his work with talented professionals from around the world have been what keep him going. He has had the privilege of working with and learning from Carl Anderson, Barbara Morrison, Carmen Lundy, Kevin Toney, Michelle Weir, Cornelius Bumpus, Don Shelton, Jennifer Barnes, The Drifters, and many other talented performers within workshops and concerts. He is known for his scatting.

Contact information:
Benjamin Duncan
P.O. Box 544
Oakdale, CA 95361

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